Almost back…

As suspected, I’m still quite involved in my event teardown. Hoping tomorrow will have me back in Toronto and I can be using your holes and being pampered. I’m in small town Ontario being awesome. Hit a buffet and Im small town bar-ing myself to sleep after a casino buffet as one does with chaortic beasts. Soon back to more availability and kinky shenanigans and I’m so ready for it.

Contessa Zoe

Breakfast Park Strolling: 7:30-9:30am. Start the day right.

I meet early for foresty shenanigans with coffee! ! Start the day off right with the quiet 730am-930am park shift, walk and talk, brain picking, cosplay, golden coffee…Lots of ways to dress up a little stroll. Deposit required. Read more on park strolls Here–>

I don’t mind if you are cramming your face with some breakfast combo to start. You can also bribe me to bring homemade pasta salad/ quinoa/ filthy oatmeal, email me to discuss. Been digging meeting great new people and getting in the time outdoors.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


Stepping out to Camp (May 16th- 23rd)

Heading out of town + off grid from May 16th- 23rd or so, my next available booking dates are the 25th + 26th of May. I’ll have limited internet while away for booking but will check every few days. Those of you who earned the privilege to book via text may continue to do so but expect delays of several days. As some of you already know I’m part of a “large group of weirdos” trying to make something great. Hustling that project and slowly “moving” to Toronto to be more available over the next while has put some of my pop building on the back burner, so,while I’m excited to execute all this work this coming long weekend (May 2-4!), I am also quite ready to get back to building creature and theme props, pieces and costumes for Myself. Yes I’ll be outside for a week taking in the beautiful Ontario Spring (as I have been for many many weekends for this this year), and many thanks to those of you who sent gift cards for me to level up my camping gear to really tackle “cold and wet” which helped HEAPS with rain gear and tools to have a nice camp. I’ve levelled up my experience with it, that’s for damn sure.

Can’t wait for the Mayflies to get eaten,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

PS. Check out my May Schedule Here –>  May Sched.


Sheer Black Bra: Off to a great new home

So many new scent slaves and panty fans coming in after my Great Canadian Panty Sale and it comes at a great time. I’m slowly setting up a little studio and my closet will not fit. Summer is a great time for me to pick up new lingerie as well. That means there’s a big selection of treats I’m ready to part with!

This black sheer bra has been to countless festivals, I’ve run around in it at a lot of shindigs, house parties in it breaking hearts and balls alike. Happy it’s being appreciated out there with a few other things.

Will still be posting more undergarments on my site and PantyTrust closer to June, there is no queue right now for bras or socks but panties/ pantyhose requests can not be filled until that first week of June as there is a queue. If you aren’t after regular wear, perhaps something messier, email me to see if I can “filth you in”. 🙂

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Scent + Gusset Worship: Pantyhose Smother Contract

This is a bit of a window into one journey under my wings, of a scent/ smother slave being “fed” from my heavenly body on the regular. Getting to that ongoing groove does not happen overnight, but when it blossoms, the possibilities open up: I’m willing to travel more, texting + weekends become more available, and a lucky few take me to brunch.  To be entranced by my ass and thighs in sheer hose is a powerful thing, to let yourself go+ push back your fears in regards to exploration, be denied when you must be, Can be harnessed to kick ass. It’s motivating, giddiness-inducing, euphoric and connects us to our better selves. A day beginning with a nod to my kinky core self is always a productive one. 

I recently had another amazing session + “afterbrunch” with a scented pantyhose fan I’ll call “smotherboy” here.  I recently sealed up a short contract (one year) to continue similar play and “schooling” at the pace we are now, and they were open to sharing a few details with their wisdom of getting past first meeting feel-outs that are fairly natural to a first vulnerable or intimate interaction with another human. They get a kick out of a look back over the things they’ve tried they never thought they’d like, and want to inspire others to push past the fear of the unknown. Continue reading “Scent + Gusset Worship: Pantyhose Smother Contract”

Ontario “Tourism”: New cities to serve Me

A few of the things I’m working on will bring me to a few new cities with a bit of spare time this coming year, and I’m starting to accept applications from slaves, servants, hopeful future ass sluts, panty sniffers, golden sippers and respectful kinksters and pervs who haven’t been able to make it to Toronto (that “so close but so far away” feeling).
-> Hamilton
-> Kitchener
-> Niagara Falls

Continue reading “Ontario “Tourism”: New cities to serve Me”

May Availability 2017

__May 2016 Availability_

-> 2nd – 5th Beltane Week!
-> 9th – 11th
-> 12th   morning only
-> 15th + 16th before 6pm
-> 25th + 26th
-> 27th + 28th Weekend!
-> 30th + 31st

TBD: May 1st, 23rd + 24th

REMEMBER: If it is a weekend when you write I am living in the WOODS and will not be on top of my email or social media. Wait patiently. I often jet Friday am- Sunday evenings.

Those of you closer to me than the average newb approaching me know in the last bit I’ve been working with a few crews on some strong community building and that I have Goddess arm level juggling skills in regards to my contracts and projects. I have a big project launching in May. Not only will I need wacky release, laughter and shenanigans to balance intense concentration, conservation and multi-day space holding:  I want it more than ever. Advanced booking is REALLY important to get scenes prepped up with good time for all the elements to line up.

Serve Me during this time, lend your strength to this tank from which so many future
heroes feed. Get a “taste” for yourself, perhaps of yourself hahaha.  I’m especially looking to Sodomize + Transform kittens to MayDay sluts around the week of Beltane:  May 1- 5th:  ladycocks/ strap ons, strap on sucking while you jerk it in an old pair of my hose, flower crowns, robes and I’m hoping my selection of minty and spicy lubes arrives but figs(figging) will be in abundance (don’t waste your new toy), and so many other wonderful visuals are invoked when I think of it.  I can even bring my teeeny travel cauldron, since it’s getting so much attention these days..

Looking forward to a hedonistic May,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


Dirty Laundry + Ruby Shippers

For those of you who are new to my personal item related offerings you may have noticed a lot of posts and tweets related to my panty sales. I’ve been handing off my panties since 2007, and soon after joined up with PantyTrust and offered listings there. It’s been one of many kinky facets I’ve kept ongoing and I always found my listings went so quickly I wouldn’t get to post many on my website. This month I had promised to give more options on my site AND on PT and I’m loading them up!

I do not have a queue right now but do have a few dates pre-arranged with deposits for items I am holding ( I will hold for up to a month with tribute): you can snag the deal now and set up your discrete mailbox/ temporary box rental/ friends’ address for “that Etsy package”.  Visit my Panty Page for the full scoop (or two amazing ones) and the pairs available here:–> Panty Page as well as socks + pantyhose. (The photos on this page are of pairs I recently mailed out and not available). Continue reading “Dirty Laundry + Ruby Shippers”

Ranpo-style Fondle Chairy: The Contessa’s Perverted Playhouse

When I think about the beautifully wacky installations that come from my kinky brain, and formulative kinky, enticing, human arts, Edogawa Ranpo (wiki) certainly has made a mark, and I’ll never look at Chairy from Pee Wee’s Playhouse the same way again. This cartoony chair with inner pervert chamber is the first thing I’d make for a perverted playhouse of that gonzo level.  It’s exciting but there are a lot of hurdles in making that fantasy dungeon piece a reality. Still it gets my imagination churning:


I know how I’d tease stocking fans or panty fetishists, trying on garments with a leg up on the chair and you in chairy mittens unable to really touch, a faint sweet aroma torturing you, a graze of my ass here and there, perhaps a snug chastity device… A camera in the inner side for some sweet Sunday reading in cute shoes and panties also appeals to me. Mmm Ignore scenes…

I can put a well-behaved slave inside the chair and tell them how to fondle you, you deprived of hearing, my instructions via whisper, a Cyrano-style romancing of another sissy, your first awkward stranger cock fondle. Or it could be the game of watching what you will experience before it’s your turn: sissification, anal training, corporal or ball busting, breathplay, electro and so many other things… Continue reading “Ranpo-style Fondle Chairy: The Contessa’s Perverted Playhouse”

April 2017: Green Fists, Panty Huffing, Painslut Bitches

It’s the time of year that I get outside again, every time I have the chance. I’m building things, skill sharing and more on land in Ontario and elsewhere, somewhat of a travelling seawitch who can also grill and use power tools. That’s why you’ll see my wishlist with camping, climbing gear, new outdoor cookwear as well as lingerie and sex toys. All for one amazing Goddess, Me.

___Weekends + Advanced Booking__ Advanced booking is REALLY important to get scenes mixed up with good time. I’m off grid/ out of the city usually on weekends so direct communication and following directions as I lay them out shows Me you can follow directions. Who knew that would be attractive to Me? (Sarcasm) Show me you can jump through the basic hoops without getting your baggage caught on it (we can always chat through that junk via Skype meeting). Do not fuck with weekend bookings, the deposit is not enough to cover the disappointment of lost tree time without gonzo play which I love. That being said I may be around Easter weekend April 14th-17th then the next possible window is May 26th weekend.

___Great Canadian Panty Sale!!!___
….to sniff, sleep with, hide, stroke with, wear… Never tried it?  Now is the time..

I’m cleaning out my panty drawer for gift cards to, very Canadianly eh, level up some camping gear, and treat some long term scent fans to a nice little package. Panty Newbs this is for you, the most recently asked for treatment plus a double dose of Goddess cream: 2 days wear plus doubly masturbated-in. Tribute for this tasty treat is $fifty (including shipping within North America). Not able to accept snail mail yet? Email me to discuss panty tease content with any of these pairs (wear photos, short vids, Gif series) for the same sweet Canadian cause: eating well outdoors and not getting eaten to death by black flies. Read More Here —>  Great Canadian Panty Sale

_____Specialty Scenes_____ 

Here are some of the Specialty Scenes I’m digging most presently:

–> Scissoring, Straight Up or With a Fist!!  (Scissoring or Scissor + Anal Training Special) Read More –>  April + June 2017

–> Springing into you with my LadyCocks! (Strap-On Training, 2 of 3 cocks agree you should do this for Me) March 20th- June 21st

–> Dogs Bollocks (Ballbusting + Cosplay) Wag for me, play fetish, enjoy my claws.

–>Park Walking + Talking: Rainy days are just as great as the sunny ones for this. Continue reading “April 2017: Green Fists, Panty Huffing, Painslut Bitches”