Toronto Availability-ish till 2017!

rippednetasshoseaspasiaI’ll be AVAILABLE in Toronto the following windows until December. I may be “off the grid” again in January in the middle of nowhere near anyone.

October 24th +25th

November 14th – 18th, 21st, 22nd

December 7th-20th

January Off the Grid

Feb: Full month in Toronto (Maybe Montreal)

I’m doing a bit of touring, camping and filming in different places, some I’ll have availability in for sessions, some only outings, Skype will be an option to keep in touch with me, I’ll still offer panties + socks mailed but no heavy filth. When I’m in the city I’ll still be available for “Corporal Turkey” and Golden. Duos with Mistress Isobel, can’t wait till our next human centrepiece (click link for inspiration, rates). You’re going to miss me Toronto but I’ll be sharing my adventures moreso this time so you don’t feel so lonely without Me.

Update: Nov 30th – I may be back a bit earlier in January than expected, potentially direct to Toronto, potentially with a “side quest” to Montreal. I may move New York around to a “quieter” time of year.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia





harpscrocordI imagined an instrument this morning (2016) having my sunrise tea. I had to make a visual representation so I grabbed my writing pen and the only two coloured pens that I had to make this, the Harpscrocord (Harp-Scro-Cord).Five slaves are lined up and bent over the bottom of the structure, two on their knees, two on a platform, all ass up with their balls tightly bound and attached to my machine with colourful blue cord, little cocks exposed. Continue reading “Harp-Scro-Cord”

Paper Bag Sluts are coming out to play

paperbagslutaspasia What is it that draws them in?

The Dehumanization, the reduced oxygen, the sounds the bag makes when they struggle, or when I give a paper bag noogie or head crumple..

The obscured vision? Textures of torn, flapping or wet paper on one’s face to keep awareness high during complicated tasks…

Does it amuse Me? Certainly. Is it the best way to recycle a paper bag? Yes. Is it perfect for slaves who want their own mask but will never go out and buy one? Yes, that too.

…and I still have a sack stack ready to transform more paper bag pain sluts or paper bag ass sluts, a few partly made masks ready to make masturbatory memories for many, especially the slaves who knelt before me in them, bewildered and nervous.

Expect more excellent recycling before the end of 2016,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Paper Bag Striped Slut: Ballbusting + Strap On Sucking + Assgasms

pbss1-1This “Paper Bag Striped Slut”pbss2 Series of short activities captures a little end of day filming in a  summer sundress with kneeing/ballbusting, strap on sucking/ gagging and an anal reward, in an awkward and all-round amusing for Me pocket of time. Look for all three parts to be released over the next few weeks in all of my clip stores.
Continue reading “Paper Bag Striped Slut: Ballbusting + Strap On Sucking + Assgasms”

Black Lace Thong: Available for Kinky Adoption


This knit, meshy trashy thong is now available for a new home to be worshipped, trashed, cleaned, whatever sort of panty worship tickles your taint. They absorb well in the crotch but I don’t recommend them for work out/ musky scent absorbing as much as capturing sweetness and cream. Tribute for these panties including played in and saucy options and airmail shipping is $50. Continue reading “Black Lace Thong: Available for Kinky Adoption”

Pirate Punishment


We’ve been on board this ship for months with little to eat but hard flour cakes. I am your Pirate Queen and you are part of the crew. I’ve never paid much attention to you before but you notice me every time I walk by. You’ve been discovered snooping around my chambers by one of my human lamps.

The scene begins with you strung up from the rafters by your wrists as you are brought into my den. That’s when I step out for a minute to change over to the Pirate Mistress. Naked and nervous you will stand as you await my entrance from my upper deck office. I come down holding your fruit ration- that one gorgeous grapefruit that each sailor receives post tropical port to sustain their lives and strengthen them from weaklings. Your bonus from our last mission is presented in an envelope (the tribute), returning it for your bad behaviour, as well a bottle of Amarone in hope of getting back on my good scroll. Continue reading “Pirate Punishment”

Halifax Travel

catvscataspasiaI’ll be in Halifax shortly for a small visit to some Nova Scotian locations with 2 days available for scenes : Nov 24th + 25th. I have availability that next week for live meets for:

Panties * Cashpoint Meets/ Findom/ Shopping * Coffee Shop Golden * Worn Socks * Gym Motivation * Consultations * Filthy Wanker * City Chastity and more.

Email me to set something up,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Scrap Paper Notes: Writing + Tumblr


In case you’ve missed the launch of my short story/ kink note Tumblr, I’m launching it with a new note each day this month, and as long as I can run with it, but mainly for the purpose of sharing the notes and ideas that flow when I’m not online, when traveling: anytime I write with pen ink/ pencil whatever, as I love handwriting. Check it out RIIIIIIIGHT HEEERE.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia