Let’s Make some Sissy Labia!: Video Release

This video. It was an intense day of shooting. Riding high on just filming “Filth Dungeon Beat Down” we were thirsty for more screams and moans and went in for it with one of my biggest pain sluts/ sissies: Kira. The air quality wasn’t great, we didn’t hide much of the filming mess, but it stands as a classic in the Sadistic production history of Myself and Miss Xi. This is the bloodless version.


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Sissification Daydreaming (OP on Findoms.com): Erotica + Scene

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I’ve had a hankering for some serious sissy training. It’s been on my mind a lot and even though I’ve been having some great scenes, my thirst for creating little slutlettes is not yet quenched.

I do love flogging a sluts boxers off, pulling them down with a boot heel…

They get on their knees and I rim their little slut mouth with a cherry lipstick and darken their nipples to make a larger target…

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Gold CBT & Body Bag Part 1: CBB, Cock Trampling & Impact Play: Video Release

Shot last week the shoes were doing it so much for me that I had to share, and threw this row of videos in the queue ahead of some of my fall themes. It was rainy and overcast and I wanted sun and natural light to shoot. I didn’t get that but the lamps and yellow-gold clothing, sunglasses and CBT gave me (and pain slut Kira) all the warmth we needed. My legs look phenomenal, like, goddamn. I love mummification and sensory dep but I also have a very wonderful and washable stretchy body bag for “princess and the pea” slaves who really need it all to feel the same to space out (and then in again).

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The Princess Next Door: Part 1: Erotica Story

Tease * Princess * Teen * Breathplay * Failed Predator * Panties * Pervert * Older Man * Smoking * Feet___________________________________________________

I’m speaking to you in it, narrating your experience. You are hot for the girl next door, she’s sexy and knows it. You watch her sunbathe, and end up trying to talk to her with very tight pants- hers and yours. She has you captured by her sexiness, but does she know by just how much? A pervy story with Domination twist at the end.


“I’m home alone, in the backyard, and you are my neighbour next door. You’ve always thought I was incredibly sexy. You moved in next door when I started high school.

I’m laying on the deck reading some girly magazine, lying on my stomach on a towel. Yoga pants and a thin-strapped tank top is how I started the day earlier when my family was around, but they’ve since gone out and left me home alone.
I’ve been walking back and forth getting lemonade and chatting on the phone, leaning over the balcony, playing with my hair, but now I’m in a bikini top and cutoff jean shorts lying down. I go to untie my top to tan my back and have to lift up slightly to do it, which makes me stick my ass in the air toward your window.

You see a peak of my fantastic round ass, teasing you, as I undo my top. I don’t see you there. You are watching me from your kitchen. With the lighting I couldn’t tell that you were there even if I looked. The phone rings in my house and I don’t want to get it because it means getting up: I’d just settled down! I lift my head up and look about to see if anyone’s looking. I don’t see anyone, so I start to stand up and just have my hand over the loose top untied across my breasts.

I get up ass first, so you feel like I must know someone is looking. You know I’m proud of my figure and love to show it off, and know how fantastic I look. You’ve seen me bring lots of boys over, you know they all want me. I get up with one arm covering me, still with my ass cheeks hanging out of the perfect cropped shorts that my mom wont let me wear when she’s around and I go to the screen door to get the phone. When I open it, my cat runs out the door and onto the patio, which has a little gate facing your house that I left open when I was watering the garden earlier and the cat gets out.

I yell fuck and the cats name, but it scampers off under the deck. I know i have to go get it or I’ll get in shit. So I don’t bother getting the phone, and look around for my little thin white tank top. I slip it over myself, not so gracefully, trying to keep my nipples covered. All you end up seeing, since my back is to you is the side of one of my perfect curved breasts. But then…I turn around. It’s chilly with that breeze now that Im not sunning myself. My nipples are hard and you can see them pretty much right through the shirt.

Now about you, while you’re watching this. You are thinking about my luscious ass.
You are in your kitchen leaning over the sink. Licking your lips. You can feel your cock starting to get hard again now that you see my nipples on my young breasts right in your face. You reach down and rub your cock through your jeans. Your heart is racing, you are throbbing.

I walk off the balcony down the stairs, and your eyes follow me. You know you shouldn’t be looking, but you can’t help it. You unzip your pants and take out your dick. You feel like a huge pervert but you know that if you don’t stroke it right now you are going to lose your mind. You get yourself fully hard, and spit in your hand, rubbing it into the sensitive head of your cock. Now you look back at me as you gently play with your head.

I’m still yelling the cats’ name- Where did that fucking thing go? I mutter. I look under the patio and see it. It’s really far back under there. I bend right over to lean in and call it’s name again. I bend over at the waist and my tank top rides up, looking under the patio. The cat won’t come out. So I get down on my hands and knees and try to grab under the deck, on all fours, my ass is facing you. It’s peeking out nearly entirely from the shorts with a thin strip of fabric covering my…sumptuous bits.

You moan and can feel your cock throbbing in your hands as you start to jerk it a little harder and faster. Your breathing gets heavier. You are thinking about how much of a dirty pervert you are, and how much you’d love to even just kiss my ass.”


Contessa Zoe Aspasia

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Purple Cheetah Thong- Available for Kinky Adoption

I’m ready to part with this colourful, beautiful thong that chafes my anus when I get sweaty. That being said I LOVE how they look on me and wish they fit differently. That also being said if you’re an ass sniffer, you’ll love these.


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Smelly Pink Cheetah Ankle Socks- AVAILABLE


I’ve been cooking these off and on through the Toronto heatwaves this summer (the last 2 weeks). They have a medium, full-bodied deep scent (not rancid, not vinegary), a perfect starter scent. The scent will last in these much much longer than you think it will.

Email me to request them as your own. Tribute for them sent via snail mail including shipping within North America (regular airmail) is $25. Tribute can be sent via amazon.ca/ amazon.com email gift cards, Bitcoin or EMT bank transfers. Email me for details for discretion purposes. They are ready to mail asap. They are also ready for a Coffee Shop exchange, Foot-related outing or session.

Looking forward to giving them a fabulous pervy new home,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Protected: The Trainer: Part 2: Erotica (c. 3000 words)

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Kitchen Puppy: Food is Love: Session

I make myself a glorious lunch in my slick kitchen, flicking scraps on the floor to tease my puppy with my culinary skills as they lap up water or golden from my new doggie dish. Collared. Perhaps a pair of my panties or socks to chew on, since puppies who try to hump my leg get their noses flicked and heads swatted with spatulas and rolled up newspaper. Perhaps the puppy is so bad the leash needs to be placed elsewhere..

Spoon spanking, ass and panty sniffing, shoe kissing, force feeding, collar and lead, cbt and it ends with you licking my plate clean.

House trained puppies only. Collar, lead and “lunch” provided.

90 Mins.

Sit. Beg. Savour.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Homemade Anal Beads: Slave Task + Instructional Video

You’re going to start down the ass path for me.

You’ll need three things.

– A bag of marbles (or three to four marbles).
– A condom (lubricated or non)
– Lube or Vaseline, or oil. (If you are going to use any kitchen anything pour it in a paper cup

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Rainbow of Sodomy

‘I own a fairly sweet collection and near rainbow* have a near rainbow of Mistress cocks.  After a recent “incident” where a certain cock (the longest one) got “ballsy” with two others, and became so overwhelmed it melted, I am now looking into an interesting case to host all of them strapped in (strapped in strap-ons) where they don’t touch each other.

This is the culprit (that and the Toronto heat I’m sure):


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