Soft Lavendar Briefs: Available for Kinky Adoption

These super soft puppies are now well loved enough to go to a filthy new home. They hold sweat and scents very well. I highly recommend more than one day’s wear on these. I’ve “weekended” in them many times and they are still going strong, unbagged, days later. That and they are very soft to play with and in.  Email me to request these become yours, read more about snagging a pair of My worn panties for yourself at this link—>Panty Page Link

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


Year of the Ladycock

oraclegasmThe Moon, sometimes we don’t see Her enough. There are many who could benefit from a go around a Ladycock, a Mistress cock, the Contessa’s cock.
As some of you already know, or have seen the debut of, I’ve been working on a Rainbow of Sodomy cock collection to soon display so slaves can bow to my colourful cock shrine, kiss my boot, and request the shape of their sodomy. Yes, I can be that kind. Of course I’ll have them out, like a little Japanese rock garden. My “cock” garden. Never touched without permission but Continue reading “Year of the Ladycock”

Black Lace Thong: Available for Kinky Adoption

This knit, meshy trashy thong is now available for a new home to be worshipped, trashed, cleaned, whatever sort of panty worship tickles your taint. They absorb well in the crotch but I don’t recommend them for work out/ musky scent absorbing as much as capturing sweetness and cream.
Continue reading “Black Lace Thong: Available for Kinky Adoption”

The End of the Monkey Year

aspasia-mountain-teaHello down there my little turkey sluts and purple-balled targets! Hhahah!

As many of you already know I’ve been away at one of my favourite homesteads camping on the range amidst juniper and pine trees and drinking tea on mountaintops following wildlife tracks in the snow and building forts. I packed away my hood jacket for layered epic sweaters, my bear hat and a thick robe (pictured) that I take to festivals and certain types of parties (especially the sauna hot tub ones).

While here I rewrote and edited much of my website, added some new options and lists, strengthened focus in some areas etc, as I’ve done time and time again over these last what, 15 years of Professional Kink. I’m headed back to Toronto Jan 13th  Continue reading “The End of the Monkey Year”

Rogue One: Movie Theatre Trip: Outing + Erotica + Fantasy

los-alamos-poster-tall-1536x864Inspired by my imagination and wants, what I was going to cram into this “tweet”:

I’ll see Rogue One 2x in Theatres. 2nd time you’ll be in chastity, plugged (uranus, urethra) or CBB: A #pageboy to carry My popcorn + tea

..but how can I say all of the following with such a character count?

I’m interested in taking ONE well-behaved sub to this film, which will probably be a 3-4 hr or more chunk of time, especially if we have a private session/ coffee shop meet before or afterward.  An unforgettable experience with a lovely, Dominant Freak: Me. Continue reading “Rogue One: Movie Theatre Trip: Outing + Erotica + Fantasy”

Toronto Availability-ish till 2017!

rippednetasshoseaspasiaI’ll be AVAILABLE in Toronto the following windows until December. I may be “off the grid” again in January in the middle of nowhere near anyone.

October 24th +25th

November 14th – 18th, 21st, 22nd

December 7th-20th

January Off the Grid with some internet until January 13th

Toronto Jan 13th- end of Month

Feb: Full month in Toronto

(Jan/ Feb may have a window for me to visit Montreal as well)

I’m doing a bit of touring, camping and filming in different places, some I’ll have availability in for sessions, some only outings, Skype will be an option to keep in touch with me, I’ll still offer panties + socks mailed but no heavy filth. When I’m in the city I’ll still be available for “Corporal Turkey” and Golden. Duos with Mistress Isobel, can’t wait till our next human centrepiece (click link for inspiration, rates). You’re going to miss me Toronto but I’ll be sharing my adventures moreso this time so you don’t feel so lonely without Me.

Update: Dec 5th- I’ll be back earlier in January than expected, potentially direct to Toronto, potentially with a “side quest” to Montreal. Moving my New York trip to a “quieter” time of year.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia




Phone offline for the Holidays

aspasiasmarmypantsI’m heading back to the wilderness again for the holidays, till Jan 11th or so and my phone will not be on the grid, there is no cell service where I am. That being said I’ll still have email up and running as well as access to text based Skype/ Gmail Chat (and sometimes video when the connection is strong, all pre-booked). See you in 2017 Toronto,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Video Release: Creative Ballbusting Percussion in Rubber

New Video! There I am looking incredibly devious in rubber bikini and ripped pantyhose with my newest peep-toe velvetty heels, feeling playful and wanting to trash some testicles. Thankfully, and as usual, I have a set handy and get really into the groove of it, the smiling sadist comes out fast. My slave is in position on the torture bench, unbound and trained to take all that I dish out whenever I want it.

footballbustingaspasia Continue reading “Video Release: Creative Ballbusting Percussion in Rubber”