Pink Briefs off to a New Home- Panty Fetish

I have some really lovely memories in these pink high-waisted brief, first debuted during my clown vs mime video, as worn under my purple clown cock, and many times thereafter. pnkbrefhafmime  From there I wore them for a day, waited a day and wore them again, finishing with a flourish of masturbating over an afternoon to assorted mental and visual spankbank material to delight and amuse me as well in between “sessions”. If you’re hoping to snag a pair of my panties for pinkbriefsyourself visit the link below, and see all my posts that mention panties by clicking here.

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Aspasia Makes some Kindling: Wood Choppin!- Video Release

Excited to share some of my summer shenanigans, including lots of running around in underwear, cincher, bustle, thigh highs and leather jacket when the time called for it. The days were hot, or monsoon filled, and the nights dipped down to heavy blanket weather and I’m a fan of woodfires built up from a singular splinter and a rub of tree sap/ resin vs commercial fire starters. So I chip down even small logs to stuff in the teeny naval stove where I was living. Here’s a video of me post nap in the loft chopping some wood for the evening. Video writeup and links to stores for purchase below:

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Multifingered Assgasm – Another Purple Sissy Reward- Video Release

Not quite all five, but a very close multifingered assgasm harvesting sesh.  I dish it out as a sweet bricked walled quickie while making eye contact/ playing to *two points*, as if two slaves are bound, awaiting their turn around me (if they deserve it). Oh the responsibilities and joys of slave training and rewiring to crave assgams :). I’m chewing ginger, wearing black PVC stripper heels, cincher and handmade lingerie with an awesome necktie from my costume (and otherwise closet).

Minimal verbalization, I give the eyebrows several times as that’s part of my devious expression and intense grin when I am “people puppetting”, I show off some of the shapes and movements of my fingers with my free/ lube hand. A little spank and a little bit of wax add to the finish(es) through a bouquet of anal orgasms.

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Open Hip Saucy Treat Panty sniffing delight


Mailed out to a wonderful new home, worn, creamed and creamed again. They were a pleasure to prepare. A wonderful mid week day spent testing out new tools and eating dark chocolate.

Read more about acquiring my panties and a bit of scent to worship here:


I LOVE sending snail mail, and panties are such a delightfully filthy way to send and receive mail more often than average.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Leaf Kicking in the Park

Walking & Talking & Kicking Leaves. An important part of your fall experience “diet”.


Simple. Effective. With a Freak who gets your fantasies.  You can leaf kick as well or just enjoy nature in the city with me. Consult, confess, small talk or minimal conversation. Ignore takes a bit of extra work to arrange (I’ll bring my podcasts). I take my leather Fryes into a public park, leather jacket, leather fingerless gloves (until it gets colder). The parks are not yet ready for really satisfying leaf kicks that I want, but when they are I’ll announce this again. Available October and November. We meet near a major transit stop and head into the fall foliage together. Picking up beverages en route can be a nice addition.

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Purple Cheetah Thong- Available for Kinky Adoption

I’m ready to part with this colourful, beautiful thong that chafes my ass when I get sweaty. Get’s all up in there.purple cheetah thong AspasiaThat being said I LOVE how they look on me and wish they fit differently. That also being said if you’re an ass sniffer, you’ll love these.


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Panty Trust Listings!

I’ve added some new pairs of panties ready to be worn and handed off or mailed to a new home on @PantyTrust! ( It’s an online community I’ve been a part of for many years as a verified Panty Chick and volunteer. I began panty selling in 2007 with a few beautiful meeting spots (a garden, flower shop and cafe), it routinely kept new flowers coming in every Monday and was m play money through my Masters degree and muchly appreciated. I joined on with Panty Trust and upped my online exchanges and offered more from there. I love sending snail mail and always have.

These pairs are not posted on my website and are always posted for a deal in comparison to my flat rate for panties on my website, so be sure to mention Panty Trust in your email when you request your pair, and more importantly be a part of it!  Continue reading “Panty Trust Listings!”

A Tisket, a Taskette, a “bitch boy” with a Basket

I love Toronto in the fall, and (pic-a-nic) baskets with treats in them.


This involves a bit of walking, interacting with others, with emphasis on being a “helpy helperton”/ “go-fer” / “basket bitch”.  We hit a certain strip of town and do a scoot around, eat some food and shop for some, you holding a basket and me spending some of your cash on delightful treats for myself and my friends: cheeses, chocolate, fruit, meats.. Think you can handle it, eh boo-boo?

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Who dares disturb my slumber? Easing re-entry


Changed my Twitter header to this today, been referring to it as “Don’t wake Daddy.”  Been thinking of ways to pervert a game that had a very memorable commercial, but also I’ve been considering- don’t get too excited yet- putting out some videos for littles. I’ve been playing with a partner in my personal life who could really benefit from, who really enjoys having me for a Daddy. It’s starting to turn me a bit.  Age play aside like I rep the Great Mother I’m also an awesome, hard on you Fatherly mentor with pushing in kink, just haven’t been into the terminology. We shall see.

All that being said I love hiking in Fryes, Fishnets and a super cute Bra and Panty set, this one slave-funded (featured). Finally replenishing all levels of “play clothes” and “desert underpants” is a style I am into, a lot and as often as possible. I can’t quite get across just how great it is to be naked in nature, then there’s naked plus great shoes + jewelry, then cute underpants + accessories (better in some areas where you might run into people, as I did, in this oufit haha. I knew them). Continue reading “Who dares disturb my slumber? Easing re-entry”