Scissorholds: Straight up or with a Fist! Special Scene Themes

I’m offering 2 special scenes 60mins/ 90 mins of breathplay + anal training or just Scissorholds/ leg chokes/ breathplay. I love controlling breath with my legs and have quite a bit of experience with it, as well as training asses/ P spot locating. Visit my wrestling page to learn more about my
history with wrestling and scissorholds –>  Wrestling with Contessa Zoe.

Check out my Scissorhold videos on listed under “Aiden” right here –>  Aiden on SF. Choose from one special scenario or the other April – June 2017!  Don’t miss this opportunity for me to stretch out my legs with your neck!

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Huff in the scent of a new kinky life, devoted to my foot scents

breathe-in-new-life-zoe-s-nerdy-socks_11980_3-1 My Green “Free Life” socks are trashed enough to go to a new home. Already with some stench entrenched in them, when a new owner arises I will re-stank them until saturated (usually 2 days + workouts). Email me to request these for your perverted desires, to wear on your cock or hands as stink mittens. Looking forward to it,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Springing into you with My LadyCocks! March 20th- June 21st

Taking 3 of my ladycocks out for a spin with you, a spring special for sluts, to worship a few of my cocks. Read on below about this two hour, double cock adventure with Me.  Especially hoping to have many of you recurring sluts who may particularly appreciate this deal to come in May 1st-5th for Beltane sodomy with a little flower crown.. awww.  Spring has sprung, now take it like my little princess..

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On a Tear with your Hair

I’ve recently found myself loving a straight razor again, but love,LOVE hair removal scenes: wacky shaving, tape, waxing and tweezing! I replenished my new, sterile tweezer collection and ordered a few epilators (all spoken for now), some that I keep on hand for my regular pain sluts and sissies who have earned a “cubbie” worth of storage space with me.  In spring I’ll order some more, but meanwhile I’ll put out there that I have a hankering to tear out some hair. Continue reading “On a Tear with your Hair”

Glove Love, Sewing Fingers + Sissy Packages

This blog inspired by Googling for the photo of me below with the blue gloves and I tumbled down memory lane over the photos of me over the years.

Glove Love : I always have a good selection of coloured and textured gloves for play and exploration, shenanigans and training.  Every now and then I fully refill my badass large rolling tool box with my portioned pegs, gloves, pocket lubes, new in-box buttplugs, risk-aware barriers, cock ribbons and bindings, small torturous CBT packages for different purposes, packaging for discreet handoffs near trees of my choosing (hahaha!). I love gloves of all varieties (as long as my dexterity is maintained because I work with my hands all day every day). Soon I’ll be out scooting about scouring for new fingerless leather gloves (I wear ’em and wear ’em hard), and a new pair of black gloves with some sort of texture to match a jacket. Continue reading “Glove Love, Sewing Fingers + Sissy Packages”

Post “Mountain Montage” Midwinter

New Year: I celebrate the “New Year” with the moon, getting witchy and making goals for the spring.  I write, dig out notebooks and sketchbooks and look at my ideas and snippets to see what suits right now. As you can imagine I have stacks of unpublished ink smeared originals and lists of things to make when I get the space to do so. This year will allow for it, just not immediately.

Been Working On:  Writing, planning, connecting and exchanging ideas with other ruling women, in the middle of a 40 day writing project which is going well. Maintenance, restocking supplies, planning shoots, all those winter things are in full swing. Much more than that on the go that I wont share yet: kinky surprises are fabulous. I did take the time to add some pantyhose and new panties for adoption after a winter rush my travel suitcase juuust kept up with.

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