Text-Based Chats: Skype + Gmail


I’m going to be on the road with spotty internet and camping/tethering for the fall leaf sprinkling so the Skype or Gmail live time meetings will all be TEXT based so the connection isn’t horrible. I’ll be saving my amazon.ca, amazon.com cards to pick up new gear.

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Toronto Availability-ish till 2017!

rippednetasshoseaspasiaI’ll be AVAILABLE in Toronto the following windows until December. I may be “off the grid” again in January in the middle of nowhere near anyone.

October 24th +25th

November 14th – 18th, 21st, 22nd

December 7th-22nd

January ???

I’m doing a bit of touring, camping and filming in different places, some I’ll have availability in for sessions, some only outings, Skype will be an option to keep in touch with me, I’ll still offer panties + socks mailed but no heavy filth. When I’m in the city I’ll still be available for “Corporal Turkey” Duos with Mistress Isobel, can’t wait till our next human centrepiece (click link for inspiration, rates). You’re going to miss me Toronto but I’ll be sharing my adventures moreso this time so you don’t feel so lonely without Me.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia




Nipple Torture: Session Focus + “Erotica”

Every now and then I get really into a certain area of or tool relating to sensation play and “level up” the variety of items and sensations that I incorporate in that area. Right now I’ve been very much into tit torture and puffy man nipples… getting them puffy and perky for me, especially when the person generally doesn’t play with them on their own.  Thinking about people going home after an intense nipple play/ nt scene and incorporating nipple tweaking or slapping into their solo sex/personal sex life makes me happy. Continue reading “Nipple Torture: Session Focus + “Erotica””

Wheel of Dick Kicking



What to look forward to:

A little doodle I whipped up this morning thinking about a game show style scene with a reward wheel featuring more CBT and ball-busting. The wheel itself will focus on percussion and sensations to the masculine scratching posts as it chooses as rewards for enduring other tortures.

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Mixed Wrestling Zone: Videos: Wrestling, Ball Busting, Scissoring


A little while ago I caught up with the folks at MixedWrestlingZone and we got to play. There are some more videos to come but I didn’t realize I missed the launch of one of them in sharing them with my slaves, fans and worshippers so here are some tasty previews and links to video previews and purchase, support my kind of play hehehe. My wrestling name has been “Aiden” for years, that’s what I’m going by on their site. Click the titles of the videos for the link to purchase and video previews.

The first video to come out Aiden vs. Clay in “Skull Crushing Thighs” where I squeeze the business out of Clay with my legs and yank him around a bit on the mats:

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Small Regular Tributes: Themed Gifting Roles to Fill

Crossposted exerpt from Findoms.com, see the original post here

…I do have a serious appreciation for regular themed gifting– each Finslave choosing some particular facet of my sensory exploration and Hedonistic pleasures to fund slow and steady: I end up with some fast, sumptuous gardens of pleasure and play in my “window box”, and you want that for me. It’s extra sexy for me when I point to something and give you an address to mail to and don’t have to do anything else for my gift. I love creative packages as well, and enjoy sending them back with some of my regular fans and slaves.

What areas could use a sprinkling right now?
– Shoe Fetish perv shopping (Shoe Fetish)
– Herbs, Chillies, Spices
– Assorted outdoor gear so I can go on longer canoe trips and bring my camera

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Dirty Ass Worship: Video Release + Tease for Beginner wannabe Human TPs

dirtyassworship2I just did something fabulous. After a “solid” in the woods out hiking which is super satisfying. No TP. You’re there and I start talking about options. You’re dependent on me in the mountains so you’re going to be my toy and tool. Continue reading “Dirty Ass Worship: Video Release + Tease for Beginner wannabe Human TPs”

Big Game Grunting: Fantasy Shoot + Scene Theme

I will catch my prey, and sodomize them. I want to organize a photo or video shoot that involves rope bondage and anal play for sure, and potentially face fucking (with a veggie strap on), trampling and scissoring.

I will be dressed hunter- esque, Hunter Sque or in my Cheetah catsuit and I want the slave to be in an animal onesie or kigurumi (preferably with buttflap). In my mental image I have a faux rifle with my pink cock as a bayonette, or maybe the blue one, I’m not sure. Bonus if you are open to getting it wet with you in it. I’d prefer if the slave brings their own since everyone’s sizes are different but I may order some in. Continue reading “Big Game Grunting: Fantasy Shoot + Scene Theme”