Summer Gifts ‘n Selfies

I love when my gifts come from artists I appreciate. These things, many from a few admirers who sent some Etsy or amazon GC love or direct purchased things for me (love when someone can do that).

Anyway, a little appreciation for some of the lovely new things sent my way over the last while. Not pictured but specifically great: 6 ft Bullwhip, Nakiri knife, practice contact staff (and some mentorship with that which is pretty great), new black pleaser sandals, and more that will pop up soon in my pics, vids + posts.


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Pinecone Pants: Slave Task * Fantasy Scene * Humiliation + Heat

So I’m out hiking and there are pine cones everywhere. Every time I spend time around them, I think about how hilarious it would be to stuff a brief size up or upsidedown sweater with pinecones and have the slave wearing them scoot like a dog.pinecone Continue reading “Pinecone Pants: Slave Task * Fantasy Scene * Humiliation + Heat”

The Decline & Domination of Douglas: Pt. 2: Erotica

Themes : Foot Fetish * Stockings * Domestic * Humiliation *Mindfuck * Denial *Loser * FemDom * Intoxication * Hot wife * A Step Away From Cuckhold..


Her other foot rose to his face and she pulled his face into her feet by his remaining hair. She laughed but he was in such bliss he hardly heard. He came to with a wiggle of her toes on his face as she sat up straight laughing again as he slipped forward when she lowered her feet and threw off his balance.

“You need to work on your core.” She clicked her tongue scolding him. “Lie down.” She added. He looked at her blankly. She pushed his face with the palm of her hand and he fell backward. “Turn sideways and get on your back, you are my footstool- Don’t look up at me, you look pathetic!”

She leaned over, tucking her hair between her ears so he could still read her gaze, delighting in her position. She reached for his belt buckle and saw his excitement. “Aw, look at that little puppy tail wagging for me..” She smiled. She undid his buckle and rested a foot on his semi-hard cock. She had removed both of her shoes now. She undid his belt buckle and rested a foot on his cock again. Pressing down on him with her sweaty sole, she grabbed the buckle firmly and yanked it out of his pants in one motion. She stretched it at it’s length menacingly, showing clearly her intent to use it if need be. She doubled it over and tugged on both ends together to create a violent snap. She lifted up her other foot and rested it against his throat. “Mmmm I can feel you swallow, at least something on you is tight, that little trachea. Nervous? He gulped, and nodded.

“Good.” She grinned, still clasping the belt over his head. It means you’ll work harder for it. Now…. Arms over your head.” He obeyed. She yanked off the rest of his shirt. Then, using the tie she had freed from his neck earlier, she tied his wrists together in a flash, firmly linked together. She wiggled the foot resting on his cock, he twitched. “Ah so it still works somewhat… Stay here. I will be right back.. She got up, pressing her weight down on his balls as she did.

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Headmistress Aspasia: Back to School, loser

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It’s the time of year when Back-To-School fantasies and nightmares spring up all over the “schoolyard”, dungeon and internet.

I love having themed “projects” and playtime as well as using this time to “stock up” on important Mistress “school-year” goodies like new shoes, make up, comfy sweaters, sexy lingerie and great books to read when the chill hits the air.

One particular project I am working on is a collection of “Dick Pics” created by slaves with skinny markers used as urethral sounds, collecting 10 flowers for the 10 new markers I have here. Most of those are going to be done in person, but I will consider mailing to slaves who do their homework. (only 2 left!) There is a waxy alternative however: Continue reading “Headmistress Aspasia: Back to School, loser”

Aiden Onatopp- Xenia’s Leg-Crushing Delight !




Welcome fans of Contessa Zoe and Aiden “the maniacal Diva”! Thought you might appreciate seeing what’s new in my scissor/ wrestling world, f you haven’t seen it already,  I worked with (@scissorfoxes) on a scissor tribute to Xenia Onatopp from GoldenEye: Continue reading “Aiden Onatopp- Xenia’s Leg-Crushing Delight !”

Princess Next Door: Part 2: Erotica

The next section of my fantasy story Princess Next Door, which includes themes such as Tease * Princess * Teen * Breathplay * Failed Predator * Panties * Pervert * Older Man * Smoking * Feet


I’m speaking to you in it, narrating your experience. You are hot for the girl next door, she’s sexy and knows it. You watch her sunbathe, and end up trying to talk to her with very tight pants- hers and yours. She has you captured by her sexiness, but does she know by just how much? A pervy story with Domination twist at the end.

Where we left off you were watching me from your kitchen, though you know you shouldn’t have been aroused and tempted to touch yourself…


“You moan and can feel your cock throbbing in your hands as you start to jerk it a little harder and faster. Your breathing gets heavier. You are thinking about how much of a dirty pervert you are, and how much you’d love to even just kiss my ass. Continue reading “Princess Next Door: Part 2: Erotica”

Podcast Recommendations: Part 1

There are many of you who come to me more green than I can work with. I generally give a 3 or 6 month future date for that prospective “slave” to check themselves, do some reading, grounding, exploration and more because they may misunderstand some ideas, have too many expectations, be unable to express themselves out of role play enough to negotiate, poor listening skills etc and reading new ideas or listening to multiple voices is key when it comes to learning and exploring with this. Continue reading “Podcast Recommendations: Part 1”

Under the Bleachers: Erotica

A new story for foot scent sluts discovering their weakness for the scent of a woman. Oh the things you’d do….

Themes: Smelly Feet * Socks * Sneakers * Voyeur * Exhibitionism * Public Masturbation * Humiliation * Servitude * Cum Eating * Shame

_______________________________________________________________You and your friends regularly follow the soccer games at the local college field. Your friends both bail after you’ve set up early in your usual place- under the bleachers. You picked up the beers and already had a few since you feel awkward knowing it won’t be the game and you’ll be going it alone.. it’s not that exciting. You figure you may as well stay and drink a few more to make the cooler lighter to carry to the car, but you feel self conscious and find yourself looking around. Continue reading “Under the Bleachers: Erotica”