Post “Mountain Montage” Midwinter

New Year: I celebrate the “New Year” with the moon, getting witchy and making goals for the spring.  I write, dig out notebooks and sketchbooks and look at my ideas and snippets to see what suits right now. As you can imagine I have stacks of unpublished ink smeared originals and lists of things to make when I get the space to do so. This year will allow for it, just not immediately.

Been Working On:  Writing, planning, connecting and exchanging ideas with other ruling women, in the middle of a 40 day writing project which is going well. Maintenance, restocking supplies, planning shoots, all those winter things are in full swing. Much more than that on the go that I wont share yet: kinky surprises are fabulous. I did take the time to add some pantyhose and new panties for adoption after a winter rush my travel suitcase juuust kept up with.

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Bootylicious Blue Lace Panties: Available for Kinky Adoption

Lacy Anus!  A soft patch over my amazing chocolate maker. That being said, these panties are best suited for musky, strong or sweet scents, or played in (over and over) than anyhing ass-centric, even though my ass looks amazing in them. Alternatively I do have some cute photos in them, perhaps you can bribe me with gifts for me to drop a few in your inbox…

Email me to request these become yours, read more about snagging a pair of My worn panties for yourself at this link—>Panty Page Link

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


Navy Plaid Hose- Available for Kinky Adoption

I’ve had these awesome pantyhose for many years and loooove them. I had worn them to an impromptu bonfire and some sparks flew over to me and daintily melted little holes in one of the thighs (pictured below).

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Women’s March Canada

I was at the Toronto Women’s March (more) rocking the red umbrella as a symbol for sex worker’s rights (wiki wiki). It’s important to me to be connected with other workers and create connections. It’s easier now than when I started, before SW twitter. I’ve been a SW since 2003 and seen a lot of changes over the years, met a lot of great people, had a lot of creative projects realized, fantastic experiences and more.

Visibility is one of the “ways there” for me in this journey, writing my preferred media. I’ve been fidgeting with other types of media in preparation for this, sketching ideas out, gathering info. “Showing face”  is a privilege for some who want it and a no-go for many others I respect for various reasons, stigma being a huge part of that.  I’m happy to report there’s a lot online in the ways of sex worker supportive and run podcasts, blogs and books, and I’m excited to contribute to that in some way soon.

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Turquoise Boyshorts: Available for Kinky Adoption

Read more about my Panties here—> Panty Page Link

These beauties have been on many many roadtrips with me, lots of wonderful memories and perversions, underwear parties, onesie parties, they’ve seen some may have some fantasies about those types of places, and these have been very lucky for me at them. Snag them, wank with them, huff that party scent. Email me to request these be packaged up for you.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Soft Lavendar Briefs: Available for Kinky Adoption

These super soft puppies are now well loved enough to go to a filthy new home. They hold sweat and scents very well. I highly recommend more than one day’s wear on these. I’ve “weekended” in them many times and they are still going strong, unbagged, days later. That and they are very soft to play with and in.  Email me to request these become yours, read more about snagging a pair of My worn panties for yourself at this link—>Panty Page Link

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


Year of the Ladycock

oraclegasmThe Moon, sometimes we don’t see Her enough. There are many who could benefit from a go around a Ladycock, a Mistress cock, the Contessa’s cock.
As some of you already know, or have seen the debut of, I’ve been working on a Rainbow of Sodomy cock collection to soon display so slaves can bow to my colourful cock shrine, kiss my boot, and request the shape of their sodomy. Yes, I can be that kind. Of course I’ll have them out, like a little Japanese rock garden. My “cock” garden. Never touched without permission but Continue reading “Year of the Ladycock”

Black Lace Thong: Available for Kinky Adoption

This knit, meshy trashy thong is now available for a new home to be worshipped, trashed, cleaned, whatever sort of panty worship tickles your taint. They absorb well in the crotch but I don’t recommend them for work out/ musky scent absorbing as much as capturing sweetness and cream.
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