Leather Knee-High Stiletto Boots


boots 1These boots have been to many fetish nights, group sex related events, swingers clubs, kinky getaways. Lots of fabulous memories and clean. The leather still smells delicious, the foot smell is faint but personal. There are no tears or scuffs that throw them off for me, I’ve just had them since 2009 and it’s time for them to go on a new adventure. Continue reading “Leather Knee-High Stiletto Boots”

Hammock Llama & Aspasia’s Travels: Aug 16th- Sept 15th

Even “hammock llama” can be overly eager and not allow time for basking in the heatwave “ugh” and  post-llama elation.  Over-eagerness and “impatience to serve” is one of my most common buzzkillers in negotiations with potential slaves or servers.

This heatwave which has been rather intense and terrible for my breathing/ allergies.  I’ve been doing some closet purging to the delight of close CDs and new ones, a few more things en route- I generally purge my closet in summer and do costume dumps at festivals to share the love, and create new costumes as well, testing a new one out next weekend which is a precursor to a specialty scene I’ve wanted to do for ages that is ridiculous and will make you SWEAT. I just put in my order for MocoJute as a Bday present

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The Decline and Domination of Douglas: Part 1: Erotica

A little something written by this Goddess…

Themes : Foot Fetish * Stockings * Domestic * Humiliation *Mindfuck * Denial *Loser * FemDom * Intoxication * Hot wife * A Step Away From Cuckhold


Another New Years had come and gone, and the company party was still roaring onward: fat cats and restless wives, pro man-eaters and gold-diggers on display, and that exceptionally fit probably swinger couple that taunted the crowd with their gleam.

Doug stood in conversation (at least in body). With some upper management men he had just met, nursing the end of a tall glass of champagne celebrating what had been a profitable years end. Their small talk bored him to death, and he was just at the proper level of “drunk” to care less about getting a word in edgewise: half daydreaming, half people-watching. He came back to attention for a moment, catching the tail-end of some (presumably horrible) pun, enough to laugh and fake interest.

“Here you are…” A fresh glass of bubbly clinked against his glass, his wife had returned from the powder room or wherever she had happily escaped. He was confused, remembering they had both hinted at an early night, but Cheers’d the group again with a fresh drink, he figured he may as well.

Sarah seemed in better spirits now, maybe it was the fresh air she had stolen away for, maybe she was amused by the company gossip being tossed around with the other wives. He caught himself overthinking as she dove into conversation with whats-his-name and the other guy. He took this opportunity to dive even deeper into his own year end review.

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Bow Now… (to) Brown Boots- Adopted

brownboot1aspasia I have these brown boots I’ve loved well and hard, played in, costumed in, took camping, to workshops and more. I got them during a wrestling tour in Boston (a fave shoe fetish vacation spot for me) and they’ve taken me on an excellent journey. Now with a wardrobe overhaul, and preparation for new fetish footwear for myself, I’m giving them up to a worshipper for their altar to dominant women (for a donation to my “temple” of course”. Continue reading “Bow Now… (to) Brown Boots- Adopted”

New Panty Trust Listings!

I’ve added some new pairs of panties ready to be worn and handed off or mailed to a new home on @PantyTrust! (Pantytrust.com). It’s an online community I’ve been a part of for many years as a verified Panty Chick and volunteer. I began panty selling in 2007 with a few beautiful meeting spots (a garden, flower shop and cafe), it routinely kept new flowers coming in every Monday and was m play money through my Masters degree and muchly appreciated. I joined on with Panty Trust and upped my online exchanges and offered more from there. I love sending snail mail and always have.

These pairs are not posted on my website and are always posted for a deal in comparison to my flat rate for panties on my website, so be sure to mention Panty Trust in your email when you request your pair, and more importantly be a part of it!  Continue reading “New Panty Trust Listings!”

“Heath Bars”, Harnesses, Howls: Knowing is half the battle

Actually “health bars”, not the chocolate. This sums it up:

I’m not feeling 100%. I don’t have as much time for kink because when my general health is low it’s essential for me to up self care, and slaves up their servitude/ support levels for me as well. That means I have less time for new slaves and my tolerance level for idiocy lowers even further. That means that the laziest, but still serious email category just goes in the trash with the one liners and a/s/l ?equivalents for the “service” industry.

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Seeking: Functioning Drill Set

…(cordless/ corded) to donate to a collective’s patio-fixin’ montage. Doesn’t need to be new or fancy. I’m going to be fixing the furniture in some creative ways so I’m also open to interestingly-shaped wood scraps smaller than coffee tables. Email me if you have an old set to donate. I don’t care if there’s paint on it or if it looks beat up. I can easily make it “the purple drill” and give it a new life. If you want to buy me a new set, I’ll keep it for me and use it there and be pretty excited to make use of it. It will be well-loved and appreciated either way.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Training a One Minute Mouse: Erotica: (O.P. on Findoms.com)

Did you know that surrendering your deflated or overly excited prick to a Goddess for training can elongate your arousal and the intensity of your experience of sensations? Why yes my little piglets.. When you are forced to take it out on cam after a delightful chafe through your jeans, the Goddess will instruct you in Orgasm control and denial to keep you in a tantric zombie like state of worship and bliss. Too bad so many of you are too far away to serve me in person, as I’d love to have you as furniture in my dungeon with little money belts for punishments when you wuss out on certain activities, dribble on my floor, cream your chastity, knock something over… and other little mistakes.

One minute slave as a foot stool and human floor under my throne or desk as I work and ignore the lot of you.. perhaps under a floor board with your little pinky sticking through to rest my spiky gold heels on, to have tied up balls separated and hooked to a leash to tug on when I feel like it, to piss on, to smother with my smelly socks… Continue reading “Training a One Minute Mouse: Erotica: (O.P. on Findoms.com)”

Two Thongs are Better than One

Sweet n ‘assy deal: Two thongs from two gorgeous women, together in one package. Two sets of scents or creams in panties worn for you.  I’ve worked with Miss London “Bridges” here and there, a friend of mine from a different city, kinky, loves weird and filthy things. Is considering panty selling so she’s dipping a toe through me and we’ll see how it goes. She’s just getting herself set up on Twitter @londonbridgesto 🙂

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