The Contessa Loves the Fall

//The Contessa Loves the Fall

The Contessa Loves the Fall

FALL UPDATE:  By 2018 I should have most of a new website up (not just this one I’ve mostly stripped) and a Mailing List where my updates, specials and travel will be posted.  The new site will give more live options and content than I have previously. My rates will increase then for new applicants, so if you’ve been waffling, write in now. I’ve been a Pro in Toronto for 10 Years this fall, exciting (wrestling since 2003)!  This is My next chapter after living on the road a while, getting rid of almost everything I owned and diving into off-grid living. I returned to the city in a more permanent way in May this year but only started settling in late summer.. It’s a lot of change, and I’m happy to make the changes and offer more of what I want to see. The business of kink/ play/ negotiating intimacy is an important one and I’m looking forward to the next stages of My journey ( and that of others).

PARKS/ Fall Strolls +:  I’ve taken many of you out for a daily stroll where you other wise wouldn’t: weekly park strolls, monthly check ins, leaf kicking, making you pick up litter, city art strolls in combination with kinky consulting, chastity, butt plugs (or remote butt plugs) and other discreet activities that respect the space of those around us.  Can follow or precede a session nearby (walking distance).  See “Outings” Here.  Some people really like the relaxing nature of a park setting for a kinky consulting/ live interview and the weather is still good for it. Alley art walks are awesome in Toronto, I recommend those too and have a few maps for walks I’ve never done that I’d gladly drag some newb along with, so long as there’s some power play and a nice warm beverage…

TRAVEL: Hamilton in Nov, Vacation away Nov 13-23rd. Will be in Toronto over the holidays (Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas + New Year). Looking to set up an east coast visit but probably  not until December/ January. I’ll be in the USA for a short trip Nov 2017 and able to mail panties from within the country (including a special pair of travel day/ airport sweat panties on the way there).

Looking at trips this year/fall to Kitchener, Hamilton, + Niagara Falls, ON. If you can meet in one of those places, help make these trips happen! The better they go, the more fun stuff there is for me to do, the more likely I’ll be to make it a regular stop and those are places that I’m considering for assorted reasons. Hamilton you did well last time :).


THEMES: I’m presently especially into: Taking anal virginities/ odd insertions, scissoring/ breathplay, intro to anal beads (just got a new shipment), bondage + predicament bondage, ballbusting, cock punching, CBT, sounding + cbb, NT, pantyhose encasement, spanking, caning, clowns + pies, WAM (sweet, not yet into savoury), alley art walks with kinky additions (panties under your clothes, butt plugs, Golden Coffee, chastity, photoshoots), trampling, face standing, percussion + smothering..

–> Seasonal things I’m known for human turkey making (WAM), cornholing, double-cornholing, ass stuffing like a turkey without the cannibal commentary, Vampress dominates sheet ghost (Strap-on), park walking and talking/ leaf kicking, who-pissed-in-my-coffee breakfast hype meets (I’m an early riser, and it was Me), basket bitch farmers market shopping trips (many in the city I’ve never been to) #findom, a watching you fuck a gourd, and there’s that golden baseball balls bat I have now..

VIDEOS: I am filming again looking for slaves with a medium tolerance level and ability to be marked short-term for Ballbusting clips, masks ok.   Also seeking breathplay/ Scissorhold submissives who can hold their breath for a minute and will show part of their face. Partial masks ok, but mouth must be visible. Filming does not play out like a session. Deposit required/ donation + signing a release form to secure your time to serve, also filming with Miss XI ( and can certainly ask you for more than those things for tribute if you enjoy special sidequests and challenges as part of your service. Will next be seeking faces for facestanding, face slapping and some POV smothers.

GIFTS: I am eating good chocolate again(sans corn syrup/ fillers).Added some camping + sexy books and other items I’d love to My –>   Wishlist     (my cooler broke recently and I’m eyeing a K2).  In 2018 I’ll also be cutting down on use of Amazon and flip over to supporting smaller businesses. You can also send email gift cards to to go toward the cooler or leave the choices up to me.  I love getting gifts of tools and items I can use to do awesome stuff, or have new experiences with. Another season I’ll go on a sex toy shopping spree for those of you who like to buy specific items… I also accept donations via Bitcoin, email me for a code.


A) Need 6 Homemade Trash sticks or garbage pickers either the dowel variety like this or the grabbing version like this sometime this month.

B) Seeking French-Speaking readers who are familiar with sexy/ kink terms in French. (Room for 2) 

C) Basic Hemming/ Sewing slave: must be able to use a machine, thread a machine and deal with bobbin issues. Must be able to work with bustform garment forming vs sketched patterns…unless you can sketch and take direction very well. Begins with a take-home project to test you.

HEALTH: #bodyhacking  I was battling some serious allergies (ex. chronic cough) and ran at some serious bodyhacking this summer. I was put on a very limiting (supervised) diet and it kicked my ass, I lost over 15lbs very quickly and have just regained enough to feel somewhat like myself. Very grateful for my closest slaves for the gifts, the drives + treats and support through that ride.  Not being able to eat anything from a package or restaurant for 2+ months, as a foodie and homesteader in training, as a social person (so many social things are based around food and gifts of food, especially in summer) was a challenge. I’m thankful for the experience but happy that part is over.

YOUR HEALTH: #checkups Aside from Medical Play and my fingers in your ass I know a lot of you haven’t been tested for anything or done health check ins for yourself in years. Yes it can be a bit of a runaround but better to know sooner rather than later. Inspired by my recent hospital/ specialist visits I’m offering support on visits to doctors, dentists, hospitals, blood work and sexual health clinics like the Hassle Free Clinic with people I have played with before. The first person who took me up on this booked a scene afterwards for a far sexier prostate exam. Email me for details. Can also be done via distance training texting with reasonable timezone differences,

That’s it for now, Address Me as Contessa,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

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