Late Fall

Late Fall

__Settling In__: Thanks to everyone who’s been sending housewarming gifts for my settling back in to Toronto, that’s been awesome.  I appreciate the loyal submissives who keep coming back for more experience points and those who serve me on the regular. Also thanks to those of you who picked up extra tasks when I was on that anti-allergy diet that kicked my ass.

Still poking through updating my website, adding some new tips and streamlining some processes. I’ll have a mailing list in the new year for those who serve me sometimes to keep up with specials and travel, and will have a different space for all my stories and bits of weirdness to share that may have an extra step or two to get into.  Will be raising my rates for new submissives in the new year too, I haven’t in 10 years so it’s time.  This won’t affect most people I’ve seen before and those of you with other earned arrangements..  


__Canadian Travel only in 2017__: I’ll be in Toronto over the holidays taking pre-bookings from visitors and making shenanigans happen. I won’t be travelling to the US until the new year, possibly February at the earliest, I really miss New York and Boston a lot.   Hoping to line up a west coast Canadian tour to Edmonton, Calgary + Vancouver in winter or spring, depending on the interest and a few classes I’m waiting to confirm the date of. Be that awesome person, tell me you want me over there, send gifts and praise and seriously done slave applications and I’ll be booking in no time.  I  am looking to make more frequent small trips to cities in Ontario (Kitchener + Niagara Falls I find myself in fairly often and wouldn’t mind staying a night for consensual filth and powerplay, looking to add Stratford, On). Confirmed: Halifax in November, Hamilton in December.


__Panties, Pantyhose, Personal Items__: Hadn’t been positing many personal items on my site as of late because they haven’t stayed long on my desk as soon as they were prepared. I had a bit of a queue, got cleaned out of pantyhose fully and took a break from PantyTrust due to timing and lack of product. I just posted a few new items on there, feel free to email me after checking out my Panty page inquiring about the kind of item or scent you are hoping for and I can find something for you. I’m still shopping around for some new lingerie sets as part of my New Panties Panty Tease post from last month as well if that’s something you’d like to see more of, check it out Here.

I’ll be doing a purge of thigh high hose in December, cleaning out my make up kit (sissies get ready), hairbrushes and selling a pair of slippers +   workout sneakers I’ve been infusing with scent for quite some time then as well. Feel free to write me earlier with direct inquiries snag these items before they are posted. I want you to do filthy things with my things, eat them wear them, sniff them in devotion.


__Butt Stuff! __ Many of you have seen the return of my “Give Up The Back Porch” push on Backpages and elsewhere, I’d been getting many requests for more advanced anal play and several scared butt newbs after seeing those photos of my arms up an ass. Newbies: My order of new butt toys came in! Even though I play very clean with silicone toys, condoms and sterilize things appropriately, I know that trust contributes to a better experience, and I love to know that you will continue experimenting with your butt afterward with the right toy, the one I break in on you. I have anal beads and small to medium sized butt plugs ready for a nice fistfull of anal newbies to visit me.


__Videos__: I am filming again solo and duos with Miss XI ( Accepting subs with at least a medium tolerance level and ability to be marked short-term for Ballbusting clips, masks ok.   Likewise breathplay/ Scissorhold submissives who can hold their breath for a minute and will show part of their face (partial masks ok, but mouth must be visible). Filming does not play out like a session. Deposit required/ donation + signing a release form to secure your time to serve. I can certainly ask you for more than the required tasks and fees as tribute for a shoot if you enjoy special sidequests and challenges as part of your service. Will  be seeking faces for facestanding, face slapping and some POV smothers in December. I usually film on weekdays.

That’s it for now, Address Me as Contessa,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia  

PS. Here’s my   Wishlist   

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