Happy Fistivus!

//Happy Fistivus!

Happy Fistivus!

Hustling hard here to set up a few new sites where I canshare my work in a less censored environment. Haven’t been writing too many stories to share here just yet but looking forward to getting back to filming in 2018 and all the awesome stuff that relates to what I’ve been making and doing in the last while. Can’t give it away just yet but I appreciate all of the subs and servants for their service and support over the last while to check these things off my wishlist and get things started. So much to come, a lot of work but worth it!  πŸ˜€

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

PS. If you want to send prezzies for 2018 here’s the link to my Amazon.ca wishlist –> Wishlist


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