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I’m a Hedonistic Canadian woman based in Toronto, Canada with a love to travel and scoot off the grid. I’m a Dominant, artiste, maker, pansexual freak who loves sensation play puppeteering of submissives and sluts (anal and pain alike), creating hypersensory experiences in the city then setting out for trips to capture more of my own.

I’ve offered Pro Domination and Session Wrestling experiences since 2005, moving to Toronto in 2007. For the last few years I’ve been pushing myself via minimalist and nomadic experiences, artistic residences and leveling up skill sets outside of BDSM, and in return, pumping my creative, gonzo, sadistic thoughts into new medium (other than writing) to express my way of play to a greater audience than those who have served.

I’m a pervert through and through, Dominant, pansexual, polyamourous, nerdy and Canadian.  I love re-introducing people to their bodies, creating strength in experience, combining humour and kink (#domcom and clowning). I also love making men do weird and freaky shit, and seeing how much they can endure to be better for Me (and everyone), dehumanizing them.  I like taking the weird fantasy and making a safe space for it to exist, as well as taking the safe and making it threatening.  A hilarious stunt/ experiment that goes half-right always makes me laugh, you’ll see sketched concepts of these things pop up on my site now and then, help me make those a reality.   I believe in harnessing natural highs, building slave confidence from training and enduring, curbing negative patterns and breaking down bullshit programming that’s blocking sensory & self exploration. I’m a fantastical being having a human experience in a super fly female body made for genderfuck and shenanigans. I’m the real deal.

I’m that Goddess who comes in many forms, who embodies the duality, rules with crook and flail, destruction for rebirth. I’m quite terrifying and startlingly adorable at the same time. Sadist with a smile, that woman from coming of age stories that gives safe space for exploration of fantasies and self and tears you a new one. I’m a real life heartbreaker, headfucker, multifaceted. My life regularly includes kink, travel, nature, dance, great food, camping/ hiking, climbing, homesteading, decadence, bodyhacking, trees, books and general exploration.

I sometimes offer my time and experience Professionally through:

    • Private Sessions
    • Outings
    • Texting/ Text-based chat (Skype/ Gmail) & more rarely video
    • Snail Mail packages
    • Distance Training/ Chastity/ Keyholding

…and some lucky few get to be in my videos, be my errand bitches, realize sketchbook fantasies, take classes with Me, drive Me around or even travel with Me (some of you weak “city boys” get quite the workout in the woods dependent on Me for survival lol. I change up what I’m offering based on availability of resources/ spaces, health and what I’m really jiving on.

Don’t get too excited over that though, I only have time for/ make time for some prospective slaves. Deposits are required for all meetings, non-refundable to secure our meeting and done as discreetly as possible. If you screw up with your application or can’t keep your feels to yourself while you await my response you may be given a future date to contact me and a “slow your roll” message. I also offer more costly live chat options for those who have difficulty with email correspondence as a combination idiot fine/ pay me to listen to you option. Await instructions and confirmations with all hoops/ steps and we’ll get along fine.aspasiabatdick

Some of you may know me from my fetish sales and sessions (duos and specials) from Craigslist back in it’s day (so much fun) when I sold panties, filth, coffee shop golden and other greatness. Or you may have come from PantyTrust.com seeking other personal items/ training. Some know me as Aiden from the session wrestler circuit or Scissorfoxes.com, or have found me through my recent poking around with video…. rest assured you have found My part of the internet, YES! You lucky snoogens you. Now read up, follow directions, support my school of kink and let’s see how far you’ll go..

Address me as Contessa, Goddess or Queen.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia