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My Identities: Dominatrix, Dominant, Hedonist, Femdom, Top, Teacher, Gonzo, Clown, Adventurer, Battle Queen, Polyamorous, Muse, Queer, Pansexual, Vamp, Femme, Outdoorsy + Canadian. I am served or amused in my scenes. I lead and teach, I’m active and experimental. I am not a sensual Domme. I’m a multisensory being who gets off in many ways off different expressions and activities but there’s nothing vanilla and no direct sexual contact.

Negotiating : Direct negotiations through a variety of safety things without much role play before entering into nicknames and play language territory. We go into this risk-aware, with a sane + sober negotiation and enthusiastic consent. I need this base chat to trust that you are listening to what I’m saying, will obey and will check in with me. Think about the kind of exchange you want (humiliation, encouragement, non verbal, lots of talking), do some googling of terms. I often ask for clarification and underestimate abilities to be safe. I’ve been doing this a while and it’s always far better to build up then rush in and break everything at once. Retraining takes time, and so does trust.

____Hard Boundaries/ NO list:____

I don’t offer sexual services, “sensual dom”, vanilla sensual anything, full nudity, intimate body worship, assisted release.

I don’t play with people under the age of majority or involve people who cannot consent or animals.

I don’t play with/ offer: full toilet training, roman, ruby, red or brown showers, intimate body worship.

I don’t offer competitive fights, bone breaking, surgery, KOs on a first meet, castration, eye torture.

I don’t allow the intake of chemicals, inhalants, drugs or alcohol during my scenes… or before.

I’m not into AB, Diapers, Omorashi sluts, Messing, or Age Play presently. 

I’m not into chick-bashing themed scenes/ homewrecker black mail stuffs, or blackmail, nor race play.

I do not allow my slaves to wear perfume or cologne during scenes, or use it in my space.


___Things I’m Known For:____

Anal Training

CBT + BallBusting

Clowns + Pies + WAM + Cannibal Fetish

Breathplay + HOM + Smothering

Percussion + Corporal

Scissoring + Fantasy Wrestling + Beatdowns

Craigslist Shenanigans + Kinky Tourism

Coffee Shop Meetings + Outings

Coffee Shop Golden + Neti Showers

Worn Panties + Socks/ Scent Fetish

Humiliation + Dehumanization

Sensory Deprivation + Rope Bondage + Mummification

Transformations + Human Furniture

Creative Humiliation


Anal Training butt stunts, fingers to fisting, toys (and new toys you can take home)
Beginner butt play, large toys, slut training with trampy sissies, strap-on sucking, figging, remote vibes..sf_aiden_life_in_scissors2

BreathPlay: Bags, Hoods, Timers, Scissorholds, Smothering, HOM, Smelly Smothering, Face-sitting, Scents + Smelly Scents, Gloves, Timers, Foot Gagging, Dunking, Tape, Headlocks + chokes, panty gags, armpit smothering.

CBT + Ballbusting: I really get into percussion when smacking people around, Temperature, Electro, Sounding, Kicking, Trampling, bondage, weights, stretching, needleplay, wax, pointy things, pegs, a wide variety of implements, floggers, ice, tape, tucking, candle cocks, vibrators, chopsticks, zip ties, chastity, needleplay, cupping, urethral play + sounding, figging, moxa and more.

Wrestling + Beatdowns + Scissoring: Slaps, punches, scissoring, HOM smothering, Pro wrestling holds, breathplay, “forced yoga”, one-sided + Domination wrestling, scissoring, beatdowns..  I also offer one-sided striking scenes often with bondage, boxing or MMA gloves, hand wraps, corporal punishment, pushing you to ride that pain for me all over.  Yes I have some legs on me, some destructive ones.. reverse scissors, figure fours, across the throat, “pressure gauge”, pulsing, combined with smothers and more.

Craigslist: I spent many years selling golden, neti juice, cuckhold + sissy packages, worn panties and socks, city park foot fetish, vampire cubes, CSG: Coffee Shop Golden, wacky seasonal special deals, filth snacks and dirty baked goods.. 

PBPS2MINIPercussion: Striking, Corporal, Paddling, Spanking, Crops, Canes, Single Tail, Bats, hockey stick, fists, Single Tail, Paddle, Hairbrushes.. I’m an excellent percussionist. Swatters, canes, tawse, rug beater, spanking (gloved, bare hand, wet, leather, nitrile, kitchen gloves, spoon or giant spoon, shoehorn, floggers, crops, pins, needles, chopsticks, clothes pins, weights, exercises, games, counting, water..

Tourism: Private scenes are great and kinky tourism is fun as well, be it a Canadian themed scene for those out of town, or a lengthy kinky meeting involving any number of the following: shopping, food tourism, art walks, brain picking, ball bondage, training bras, hockey sticks, make up appointments, butt plugs, electro, remote toys, masks, masked photoshoots, private scenes, coffee shop golden. 

Panties:  I’ve offered worn panties through online listings since 2007 for snail mail and live exchanges, via  Craigslist, Backpages, PantyTrust, and more. Snail mail and in-person exchanges, sweet, golden, musky, creamy… discrete parcels to inspire your.. day. Likewise smelly socks, pantyhose, sweaty t shirts and other personal items.

WAM/ Cannibal Fetish/ Food: Clowns, Pies, Turkeysluts, Turkey Preparation, Cornholing (corn cob sodomy), double corn , Turkey Transformations, Forcefeeding, WAM, VORE, Veggie gags, Kitchen Puppy, Foodie related outings, Food gifts, Grapefruit Fucking, tarps, kiddie pools.. know you will be involved in clean near the end of scene. I will tell you what to bring and how much, and bring supplementary materials. 

Transformations: Rituals, Experiments, Habit breaking, Rituals, Work Out/ Personal Training, Forced yoga/ stretching, Animal Training, Gimp masks, Imp masks, Dehumanizations, human furniture..

Golden: Coffee Shop Golden, Golden Strolls + Rancid Golden

Worship: Foot Worship + Domination, Legs, Shoes + Boots, Ass, Goddess Worship, Hands, Hair, Watching me eat, POV ignore with bondage + teasing, scent worship, shaving, go-fering, sweaty foot worship, sock worship.

Sensory Dep + Bondage: Mummification, Tape, Saran, Body Bag, Rope (Jute, Cotton, Paracord), cuffs, predicament bondage, CBB, Tickling, Earplugs, Blindfolds, silly glasses, masks, hoods, rope, spreader bars, cuffs, collars, pantyhose encasement, cleave gags + ball gags, partial suspension, harnesses, hogties, scissoring

Snail Mail: Erotica, Panties, Hose, Socks, Filthy Treats, Stories, I just love kinky penpals whether or not gifts are involved.  I often write custom live Erotica over Skype ( I love that ) and have shared stories on my websites, Blogs + Fetlifeover the years.

Humiliation: WAM, costumes, taunting, embarrassing tasks, groveling, trash talking, predicament bondage, SPH, CEI… Will find out what your exact blush-worthy labels are and watch you squirm. Do you want to be the biggest loser, an idiot, given tasks meant to make you fail, amusing or serving Myself or a group of women?

Costumes + Themes: Turkeys, Clown vs Mime, Cats vs Dogs, Vampires, Sheet Ghost, Sportsball, Lasagna Cat, Weird Fantasy creatures, Aliens, Outdoor Stuff, Experiments, Odd Doctors, Mad scientist, General Creativity, Dehumanization, Human Furniture, catsuits, rubber, leather, goth chick couture, circus, steampunk, vamp, mascot heads, trashy lingerie for you, face painting, Canadian Asskicking, Medical, personal trainer, Dark Goddess, Queen, Goth Princess, Witch, Classroom setting, Pirates, Paper Bag Pain Sluts and a lot more .. They pop up in the media I create, feel free to ask about what you see if you want to try it out.

Worship of the Divine Female/ Femdom: Goddess worship, Battle Queen, Retraining to learn consent and reverence for Women. Women are healing this world. Your support and reverence of leading ladies like Myself can be the base of or a part of your training and “penance”.  You can serve via Session, Distance Training, Findom or serving Myself and female friends once you are trained, emasculated or tucked, perhaps even transformed to female, furniture, CD, Sissy training, being My bitch or pet, being retrained to better serve all women..

greensquaretestFindom + Shopping: Sending tributes, online chats while you shop for me, or for sissy clothing for you, snail mail cash, gift cards, unique gifts. I really love when a slave is able to do the purchasing and ship items to me, handling the tracking and billing themselves.  I do not support Paypal. Get Bitcoin. I have a few bits of Findom writing on and here and there online, I’m not into too many trinkets.  I like things from smaller companies, quality over quantity.

Chastity: Short or long term punishments, training periods or challenges with or without chastity devices, as this is about self control, anal chastity, long term plug wearing, cock plugs, numbered/ labelled locks. Outings with slaves in secret chastity while I try things on and tease.

Retraining Men + Consent stuffs. Using body worship and BDSM to teach negotiations during before arousal, the importance of aftercare and backup plans, Use of Yes and No, Types of touch, T+ D, scent fetish, self control exercises, bondage, respecting privacy and personal information, and more. 

Ignore Fetish: Sitting on your face, a human chair, or maybe you’re tied up in the corner and I ignore you as I edit and go about my day, or film, or watch a movie, game, eat, or Ignore line phone calls etc..

I used to post a much longer list but if you come to see Me, you’ll know immediately there is much more than this. Email me with extra questions, hopefully intelligent ones. Do your homework,

Address Me as Contessa,
Contessa Zoe Aspasia