Honey Foot Servitude: July 2nd to August 2nd

Come worship my feet as I direct, drizzled with honey. Wash, massage + anoint my feet, eat honey off of them, feel them covering your face, sticky with honey or smooth and freshly oiled.

It’s that super exciting 30 min foot fetish special that so many of you look forward to each year: you are welcome hahaha. Advanced booking + Deposit required. Tribute $180 (Deposit 80)

Before I head out to camp again I want my feet worshiped by weird and wonderful slaves, bare and eventually with honey, beginning perhaps in boots or shoes. There are new foot slaves to be trained, foot fetishists who need a new foot experience, human floors who just want to lie beneath my feet for a short while and head back to work or, to work in the mornings (I am a morning person and can work with morning scenes). My awesome self in a cute dress and bare feet, how will you manage? Hahaha.

Some of you will have already noticed, if not keep looking out for, an influx of honey, bear and bee symbols zipping through my brain as I’m warming my house with a small honey collection from my recent travels and friends around the world. I love honey and how it appears in ancient poetry and modern sex and kink.  Yes,  I’d be happy to receive tribute attached to a small jar of an interesting honey, but that’s just putting ideas into your brains.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia



Booking + Deposits

______How Booking Works______

I book in advance with deposit. Same-day appointments are not an option. Weekends can be a challenge. I hustle many projects and am often out of town on weekends literally camping out of cell/ internet range. Give me the time  + space I am asking for to get the best things in line: those who don’t are generally rejected quite quickly. If you don’t hear from me in 3-5 days (might be in the woods), then write again. Don’t send multiple emails for attention, save those extra thoughts for your next message.

1. Send Basic Info via email. (as requested on my Contact Page) or book an online meet/ chat to discuss in one sitting (from there I still confirm via email).

2.  Negotiations/ Extra Hoops. (sorting out length of booking, tools, extra materials, health boundaries/ concerns). If you feel you need live chat to make the negotiations “go better”, I offer a “Too Thirsty” online text special for $123/30mins at my earliest convenience, read more on my Distance Training page.

3.  Deposit + Timing. (Finding times that work for both of us, sorting location and confirming space)

4. Final Details incl. Location/ Instructions on the Meeting. (You will not know exactly which door or hotel until 5-10 mins prior to our meeting. Follow the instructions. Text confirmation of booking to establish contact. Abuse of this extra contact method will be punished with fines, cancellation and dickery.)



Show me that you are ready, you can follow instructions and be discreet, and I secure the space or extra materials needed: deposits are not optional,c, $60-100 and up depending on the length of booking. I offer several options and varying levels of discretion. I do not support payment methods that discriminate against sexworkers (ie. PP). Yes, we are all concerned about privacy and related issues, so DO NOT send a deposit without getting the exact details from me, and never include a message with it, I’ll know it’s you. If you bail, I’m keeping it*. I offer a few options for various common “deposit hurdles”:

–> EMT (email money transfer) to a #’d account

–> Snail Mail (Post Office only: takes the longest, esp. since some weeks I only check it once, mailed at your own risk, no couriers/fedex)

A) Canadian Cash or Physical Gift Cards (that can be loaded with a custom amount) snail mailed to a P.O Box (Canadian Tire, Sephora, Mac, or Amazon.ca ONLY) Or Money Order

B) USD or Physical Amazon.COM gift card mailed to P.O. Box

–> Online Gift Cards: Etsy.com + Amazon.ca, Amazon.com email gift cards are sometimes acceptable.

–> Bitcoin It’s easier than I thought to use, and not tied to your bank account. Get on it. If you really love supporting this kind of work, crypto currency is your friend, and I’m set up for it! I can even help talk you through setting it up, via Distance Training. 🙂

That’s it. Email me reasonable questions. These are your options. No whiners. Ready to write me? Go Here–> Contact.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

*I will refund if: I have to cancel in case of emergency, and sometimes if you’re an asshole and I want nothing to do with you. If you bail 48 hrs prior, I keep it, because I already paid for the space/ material/ whatever. This includes “that thing you forgot”, a sick aunt, car trouble. If you send and bail with lots of advanced notice (a week a month ahead), I will return your dollars minus bank fees ($20).