June Update! Ladycocks, Travel + sweet sweet Spring

Been wrapping up some writing and hustling in some areas, finding my own space in the city and becoming reacquainted, replenishing so many supplies, taking in a few art shows to inspire me. Also picked up pilates and dance again so I’ve been feeling extra ripped and my legs and abs specifically are feeling that special kind of jacked that I enjoy 🙂

Working on a few kinky projects that aren’t ready to launch yet, waiting on items, materials, best windows, courses…Also been doing some hardcore pilates. Now that  I have my own kitchen and don’t plan to camp for as long as I have been this summer I’ve collected a small selection of honey varieties for tea + good health (allergy sneezin). Pics to follow but I don’t have the set up I’m after juuust yet to execute what I’d like.. been too busy Sodomizing and throat training you sluts! 🙂 My Ladycock special has been well received (wokka wokka) and my Scissor- Fist scene so I’ll keep focussing on breathplay and anal for the next bit until my next “sweet” theme starts to show.

June Availability in Toronto:

  • June 1st-3rd
  • June 7th – 9th (After 7pm only free on the 7th)*
  • June 12th + 13th (No evening on the 13th)
  • June 21st -23rd + 24th AM
  • June 27th-30th (No evening on the 27th)

Travel: I’ll be out of town June 14th-20th for a few fun things, and have a quick trip to Montreal this month that I’m still accepting a few bookings for with deposit. Next month I’ll be swinging through Hamilton and possibly Peterborough. Deposits required for everything.

I have a bit more space for a scene or two, a meet for worn panties or socks, coffee shop meets, and I’d love a trip to the botanical gardens with a remote buttplug or chastity set up, or shopping trip at one of my favourite trampy stores
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