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I book in advance, with deposits, and when the weather is nice I’m off grid on weekends. If you’re looking for immediate attention or are unwilling to give me the info I require, move along.  Read more details about Booking + Deposits Here –> Booking and Deposits

Include the following for me to take your email seriously:

  • Name (and preferred “slave”/”princess” name or adjective name you prefer)
  • Scene/ Exchange you are hoping for
  • Major City you are hoping to meet in and Time window (mornings/ early eve/ Tuesdays)
  • Wishlist/ Experience: activities you’d love to try, have experience in + soft boundaries
  • No Thanks: What you’d really rather not engage in/ do (marks/ trigger words/ mirrors)
  • Allergies/ Physical restrictions (ex. Latex, Animal Hair, Smoke, Torn Rotator Cuff, Arthritic knees, Seizure Disorder, Anxiety Disorder etc. So I can better work with you)
  • Method of Deposit (From My list: Bitcoin, Gift Card of my choosing, EMT, Snail Mail $/ Money Order, full list of options and details Here–>  Deposits

**    Send to : zoe.aspasia(at) OR (out of the googleverse): contessa(at)    **

When you approach Me with respect, trust, and willingness to receive I can do a lot more with you, and might even want to. Use full words. Answer questions when asked. We’re negotiating important boundaries and interests of any/all parties involved You want the sexy lifehacker + body hacker to show you amazing things? You’ll have to jump through My hoops.  Don’t send multiple emails in a row: save your excitement/ extra notes in a draft.  Be over 21. I routinely give out “cool your jets” second chance “dates” to those I feel need more self-exploration or patience- it’s your choice then to obey, or not.

Address Me as Contessa,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia