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I know you want to be discreet: I’ve been doing this for many years, trust that the methods I use and directions I give are the best.  Below you’ll find the BEST payment methods for Me and serving Me. My discretion has shared personal info as the top concern, the less exchanged the better imo. The more discrete or absent the message/ memo with it the better.  Read up, ask questions if it seems unclear to you.  play 

1.Deposit: To secure a space, cover rental etc.

     2. Tribute: Full dollar amount for pre-negotiated time. 

           3. Gift: Sent just to make me happy. Optional.


Deposits are the Result of Lower Attention Spans + Ingratitude. I’m more accessible now, more visible on the internet, political and social changes, shorter attention spans coming into vogue …. all have made this a necessary step.  I had zero no shows for years, cancellations with days notice and rescheduling, cash drop offs ran smoothly.  It’s unfortunate that people’s attention spans and lowered ability to respect another person’s time and labour screw up their ability to reach out for the play and growth they really desperately want. Flippy floppy decision making = Deposits. Experts and mentors deserve the money we give them, I pay mine, and you can pay me just as well.


A. Options + Methods

Tribute*:  Cash = #1. Then  Bitcoin. Cash on the day of (less the deposit) is standard. I can also accept advanced tributes via EMT/ Bank Transfer.  

Deposits *: Must be sent electronically or via snail mail. I do not accept them in person for that defeats the purpose.  For this I accept a few more varieties of sending than with tribute: EMT, Online Gift Card (,, and sometimes other GC of my choosing), Money Order and sometimes assorted cryptocurrency. For Snail Mail, the slowest option but still a preference for many old school visitors (Cash, Money Order, Physical GC to Sephora or Canadian Tire) I check my mailbox once or twice a week. Deposits generally range from 50- $100. Physical gifts are not a replacement for a deposit.

Gifts– Go for it!  I can be sometimes be thoughtfully bribed to make a little extra time (you’ll see the two most common options on my contact page. Gift cards for,,, are all appreciated, and you’ll find my Canadian Amazon wishlist with free shipping Here


B. How to Send with Discretion:

Recipient Name: “Ontario” or “Zoe”

Email Address:

Password: Set your password to “Bananamuffin”

Message/ Memo/ Note: In the message section type in the first 3 characters of your email address so I can match to our negotiations/ conversation. If we are playing via Skype or Twitter, the first 3 characters of your handle. Kinky comments, notes about dates, booking or things you’d like me to do to you are all No-Nos. I wish people realized this. Slave applications and requests must come to me via email. I will not accept transfers with sketchy messages.

  • EMT: Send to the name of “Ontario” . If you need other details or are unsure, email me.
  • Online/ Email Gift Cards: Send to the name of “Zoe”. 
  • Snail Mail: Email me to discuss. Must be sent via regular mail only, no couriers, Fedex or registered parcels. 


* Deposits + Tributes are non-refundable. In the case of bailing, the deposit is kept and used for what I already paid for, sometimes more in the case of perishables or specially arranged spaces + booking with other providers (duos). In the case of bailing on a scene, I keep the deposit and hold the tribute for a future date when you can make the time within the next year. If you are being an asshole at a scene I may give you some cash back before I kick you out. If you are visiting and need to bail for legitimate reasons I will use my discretion. If I need to cancel I will refund your dollars. I will not accept money from straight up assholes: having the money to be able to pay for my time does not equate to time spent with me. 48 hrs cancellation notice is my cut off for something now significantly wasting my time. Those are just a few of my thoughts on special cases + boundaries I have with my time.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia