An experienced Lifestyle and Pro Dominatrix, Vixen, Goddess, Scholar, Adventurer, Kinkster, Beacon... I have created this space online to share My experiences, for worshippers to visit and potentially entertain Me, Marvel at Me, and Serve Me...

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Contessa Zoe Aspasia

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I’m experienced with many activities, some that I offer professionally and very much enjoy incorporating into scenes. I love to push boundaries and introduce experienced players, and those just starting their journey to new and interesting activities and sensations. If I lose interest in an activity for a particular period of time I remove it from this page until further notice. If there is something different or new that I am interesting in sharing It will be posted on my News page.. If something is not mentioned here or in my Hard Boundary section, yes you may inquire about it.

First, the Hard Boundaries. I DO NOT offer Sex or Escort Services, “jobs”/”assisted release”, stripping or nudity on my part, intimate body worship (includes ALL mucous membranes), Strap-on Play, Brown, Ruby, or Red Showers, Enemas, Permanent Bone damage, full castration, race play, K9, AB Adult Babies or Diaper training, massage, animal crush, chemical inhalants, biting, lift and carry, or modeling sessions.

Next- the things I enjoy. The following will get you excited, inspired and intrigued. Most of the terminology can be easily found through search engines if you are unsure of it’s meaning. I may not want to mix certain activities together, common sense applies: minimal medical toys when I travel (no autoclave), I will not wear leather to any scene involving WAM or mess, no rubber for wrestling, no electro above the waist, tools are vetoed if blood has been shed, etc.

Foot and Leg Play:

Foot teasing * Foot and leg Massaging * Trampling * Facestanding * Boots-Stilettos-Sandals * Smelly/Dirty Feet * Leather Soled Shoes-Docs-Patent Dancer Shoes* Foot slapping/spanking *Toe Pinching *Foot Gagging * Socks: Ankle, Knee High, Thigh high, Tabi *Pedicure Lessons * Foot cleaning * Smothering *Scissoring *Stockings- Net, Backseam, Sheer * Pantyhose * Figure Four (Leg/Neck) * Shaving * Footless tights * Anklets/ Toe Rings * Smelly Sock Gags/ Blindfolds * Food Crush/ Pudding Foot/ Foot Feeding *Ball Busting/ CBT *

Scents and Mess:

Smelly Socks * Filthy Panties * Human Laundry Machines * Smelly Smothering: Feet, Face-sitting, Armpits *Foot Cleaning * Olfactophile Testing/ Torture/ Teasing * Flasks/ Glasses /Bowls of Golden * Golden Jello * Brownwiches * Hair eating * Splooshing/ ABC Food * WAM * Neti Showers aka Nasal Douche *Golden Showers (via Whiz)/ Omorashi *Cooking with P *Food force-feeding *Hardfetish Forcefeeding * Food Crush *Work out Wear * Spitting *Target Practice *

Humiliation and Slut Training:

Dress up: Panties, Nighties, Bodystockings, Stockings * Slutty Dance Lessons * S/O Sucking Training * SPH/ Small Penis Humiliation * Forced Bi Preparation * Shaving/ Grooming/ Picking/ Hair Cutting *Degrading Costumes *Nicknames *Circus Animal Training *Puppy Play *Girl Next Door catching the Pervert *Ruined Orgasm *Twisted Hentai Mistress * Anal Training/ Stretching * T & D * Villainess / Evil Scientist / Catwoman/ Club District Bitch * Make up: Proper, or Whore Lipstick * Gay Porn Watching/ Forced viewing with Taking your Holes * Golden/ Hard Fetish * Smelly Smothering * Human Furniture *

Torture, Pain Training and More:

Breath Play: Scissoring, HOM, Figure Four, Face Sitting, Bagging/ Mummification, Latex, Hoods, Foot Smothering, Tape, Dunking, Timers, Wet Cloth/ Water Torture *

Spanking: OTK, Paddling, Foot Spanking, Hand Spanking *

Corporal: Canes, Floggers, Whips, Paddles, Straps, Belt, Spoons, Spatulas/Kitchen gadgets, Shoe Horns *

Pain Training : Percussion, Bastinado, Rubber Bands, Clothes Pins/ Pins, Games (Cards, Dice, Countdowns), Electro (TENS), Sharps, Cutting, Needles, Wax-Fire-Candles- Lighters,

Restraints: Bondage, Hog Tie, Human Punching Bag, St Andrews Cross, Spanking Bench, Body Bag, Mummification, Basic Rope, Human Furniture Bondage, Bound to Chair, Arms Overhead, Lifted by the Balls

Medical: Sharps, Stretching, Electro, Sounds, Eye Flushing, Foot Bondage
Other: Tickling (Nails, Feathers, Chains, Cloth), Temperature Play, Cold Showers, Neti & Golden Showers, Human Punching Bag, T & D

Wrestling/Personal Training:

(I do not offer Nude, Topless, Oil or Jello Wrestling)

Light and Fantasy Wrestling, Pro Style / Greco-Roman, Scissoring and Leg Locks, Head & Body Scissors and Reverse, Breath Play, Smothering, HOM, Arm Bars, Chokes, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, HammerLocks, Sleepers, Headlocks, Nelsons, Cross-Body Pins, Schoolgirl/boy Pin, Bow and Arrow, Simulated Back Breakers, Grapevines and Reverse, Triangles *

Striking: Punches (Gloves, Taped or Bare Knuckles), Kicking, Stomping, Trampling, Foot Slapping *

Personal Training: Crossfit, Cardio, Forced Exercise, Forced “Yoga”, Balance Trials, Stretching Buddy, Aerobic Weights *

Combine aerobic weights and cross fit with ball weights…Lunge for me in Latex…Stretch and push yourself in every way…

Negative or Positive Reinforcement : Corporal Punishment, Ass Kissing, Work out Sock Smothering, Face sitting smothering, Striking, Earning Toes to Suck *


Hand and Nail / Glove Fetish, Human Punching Bag, Sneezing, Balloons, Cannibal fantasy, Pies, Shoe Shine, Scratching, Forced Laxative Humiliation, Ignore fetish, wallet rape and phone meddling, creating new habits and training…. And much more…

Something not listed? Drop me a line to inquire.

Themes, Costumes and Suggested Scenes:

Western Domina with bitchin cowboy boots ready to trample you, use you as a human spittoon, breath play with my lariat, running spurs along your balls, training you with my cattle prod

Kitchen Bitch Dirty baking with me or for me or you to eat. Either twisted torte with hard fetish or maybe you straight up cook for me and face the taste test and backseat chef with punishment spatula. Clean my kitchen from top to bottom in a little apron, don’t spoil the roast because Mistress is coming home and will take what She wants from her otherwise useless maid. Forcefeeding you cakes and junk food, or drippy messy foods and sauces could mean your lucky day…maybe I’ll put you on a tarp and trash you with food and my piss as you writhe like a disgusting pig. Piggy needs to clean up their own mess.

The Queen: Grovel at my feet as I sit on my throne in furs and leather, mild- strenuous obedience training, doing everything for your Queen

Hentai Mistress The anime schoolgirl or teacher abuses her new toy with mummification, spanking and dick slapping, golden, panties, cbt and nt, machines, odd anal experiments and vibes, cupping and suction vibes and more…

Hard Wear: Pain training with items from a Hardware store- rope, clamps, sandpaper, tools, masks and more

Classic Femme Fatales: Vampress, Catwoman, Cleopatra, Greek Matron, Gothic Princess, Victorian Maiden, Mexican and or Competitive Wrestler, Twisted Anime Nurse, SWAT, Flightsuits, Secretary/Boss/ Teacher in pencil skirts, Fitness Teacher in lulu lemon, Spy or Evil Scientist, Cartoony Characters, Military, Mini Kimono, China Doll and more..

Animal Training: Puppy, Pony, Circus Animals, Collar and Leash, Dog dish feedings, playing fetch, costumes.. NO K9.

Transman Dom: What headfuckery is this? The Goddess in drag, suck my big black cock..

TankGirl/ Apocolyptical: Respirators, Goggles, bitch boots, jump suits, harnesses, interrogating you for information while you are intoxicated by my ass…

Canadian: Worshipping the Great Canadian Mistress, Hockey stick beatings, Double Doubles with Golden, Cream and, Filthy doughnuts, maple treats, smelly boot feet, electro, ice play

Sports Bitch: Wrestling, Human Punching Bag, Personal Training and BootCamp, Scissoring, School Pins, Body Bondage

Leather, Rubber, PVC: Oh yes, I have some stunning ensembles…and always up for more…

Girl Next Door: Jeans, shorts, casual dress, spitting, feet, spanking, faux smoking, feet

Club Bitch Clubwear and sparkly jewelry, humiliatrix, size queen, gum, smoke (electric), stilettos, perfume, lipgloss

Goth Girl Fishnets, platform boots, dark dark makeup, beginner “crazy goth gf” punishment, forced drinking, dread extensions, wigs, corsets

Captain / Cop Airplane/ Ship pencil skirt uniform / 50s Pin-Up Army, Cop with cuffs and baton, cattle prods and breathplay, capture and interrogation

Gamer Girl Ignore Fetish while I play games / Human Furniture / Punishment or reward based on how I play / Costumes / wigs