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I’ve been handing off my panties, personal items and other filthy perversions in person and as a delightful + stealth penpal since 2007.  I sold on Craigslist and Kijiji and had a blast meeting to exchange filth for cash. Here you’ll find some photos of the panties I have available and a way to ask for them. You’ll also find me as a member/ volunteer on (sweet deals on my panties there). Panties, pantyhose, stockings, socks  that are available will be found here.pantytrust

There are lots of reasons why people incorporate the scents of a beautiful woman into their play and devotion: the intimate act, the secrets, the smothering, the scent and texture together with an open gusset. Exchanges are done stealthily via snail mail or live arrangements of My making, all tribute received before mailing or meeting.  This is an “organic” product, know there may be a wait for the scent or style you are seeking.

Panty Requests: include 24 hrs wear + regular airmail shipping within North America, 50 per pair (likewise pantyhose + socks). Choose from base scent: sweet, sharp or musky scents and build from there. Some things are included (a photo or two of me in them), some extra…  I vac seal almost everything I mail to seal in the freshness. I expect you to be responsible for receiving mail without my assistance at your chosen or rented mailing address. Here are the pairs I have available at the moment, updated as they find new homes (11/7/17):

I usually have two pairs of socks (and an ankle sock) ready with base scent to get freshly infused. They do often move fast enough that that don’t make this page.

______Panty Request Form + Details______





--> Played inGolden sprinkleWork-out muskSpitRuby ShipperEau de ToilettePhoto of Me in themPerfumeUnwornMailed with greeting cardNone

--> Played in againExtra day's wearExtra photosExpress Ontario shippingNone ++ A little more for "borrowed cream", custom shoots, panty worship videos..


--> BitcoinEMT/ Bank TransferSnail Mail CashSnail Mail GCEtsy email email GC
..DO NOT send funds without my confirmation and instructions for discretion purposes.


You should see a confirmation message on this screen below saying that your message went through. Note I love hopping off grid on weekends, allow 48 hrs before assuming it may be lost in the internet.



…email me to inquire about other personal items I may have, if you are after a certain length of sock, or pantyhose. or a particular scrap, or sissy/ CD wear: they often find new homes before I’m able to post them here. Email via

I love incorporating kink, filth, significant scents in each day, people taking and wearing my panties to the office, sleeping with them, wanking with them and more. Looking forward to including you in the lifecycle of my delicious panties.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia