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I love to play with variety, sadism and creativity involved. I sometimes offer private scenes  or discreet meetings to select individuals, or set up distance training/ play from far away with those who can’t serve me locally. I have advertised and been active in many places on the internet as I play through, around, experiment with my own kinks and facilitate scenes and experiences for awesome people and total losers :P.

I’ve been known for wrestling tours, scissoring, ballbusting- percussion- CBT, bizarre themes and experimentation, mummification + bondage, percussion, foot domination, scents and smothering, personal items and filthsnacks,  turkey sluts, neti showers, Coffee Shop Golden, Ruby pickups, fitness and outdoor adventures, being a chameleon and a tease, and much more.

  • aspasiasmarmypantsSessions –> Private meeting at an equipped or fun space of my choosing.
  • Outings –> About town,  parks, coffee shops, corner pick ups, tourism, play parties, shopping, cash drop offs,  basket holding grocery bitch at small markets, picnics..
  • Distance Training—> Snail mail panties, handwritten kink, online chat, videos, soon to add a few more things…

Negotiations are done via email.  Meets: Advanced notice (more than 24hrs) and a Deposit, Sessions M-F 8am- 8pm (earliest +latest booking start times) with sporadic weekend availability. Online availability varies. Read more on Booking and Deposits here–> read up.  August Availability/ Update Here. I don’t play with:

  • I don’t offer sexual services, vanilla sensual anything, full nudity, intimate body worship, assisted release, don’t embarrass yourself asking. As in, if your goals or visions relate to those things, we will not have fun together.
  • Not into scenes that involve people under the legal age IRL or fantasy, animals or humans that aren’t able to consent. I’m not into AB or Diapers.
  • I don’t offer full toilet training, roman, ruby or brown showers, race play,”female” bashing/ comparison- based scenes
  • I don’t offer competitive fight matches, bone breaking, KOs on a first meet, castration without clinic supervision, nor do I work with inhaled chemicals or drugs

CNVnb3LWcAAP-XCSessions:     Exploration time that exists within our mutual boundaries and interests, especially Mine. They take place in private dungeon/ loft spaces (sometimes hotels, basements, private land) or other types of spaces when I travel. I do not do outcalls or work with scripts. All of my spaces have showers and towels, though not all have wresting mats, shower cubes, kitchens, tubs, certain furniture. If dungeons scare you, we use their parlour, not the “play room”, but I have to know. Advanced notice gives me time to snag the best space, seek out materials + prep. First scenes are a great way to get to know each other better. I do not take people to heavy/extreme play levels on a first scene (exceptions sometimes: reference from another provider, good levels of self awareness and emotional intelligence, but even then..), play is about play, if you have a specific goal or expectation, chat it over with me first. Suggested booking time is the 90 min-2 hr range. Tribute as listed:

  • 300/60 Mins
  • 666/ 3 Hrs

I love when you have your own gear and continue to train at home, we can use your special toys or hood if you like. Taking responsibility for getting to know yourself on the regular goes a long way. Duos are available with other Mistresses, and sometimes switches or submissives (with various identities), tribute for that starts around 500/hr . Contact me to see who’s in town or who I recommend with the exact skills and energy for the scene.  

Gifts are not mandatory but are nice to get, a little more about that below under Findom. Ask me if you want a sidequest or two for specific materials to seek out for a session to add to your experience and even leave you guessing (ex. a pineapple). I do NOT videotape sessions, all video requires a release form/ ID. Longer scenes are excellent but I want to make sure we click first for both of our sakes. Yes I combine sessions and outings for longer adventures.   Scenes can have strict protocol, be exploratory, humiliating/ have very obvious power play, have a teaching structure.. there are lots of ways I can lead you.


Outings:  Booking with advanced notice and deposit.  I generally do not wear fetish gear to public meetings. These exist in a space where we are respecting those around us who are not consenting:  not you stripping in public or talking about your ass to a cashier, nor grovelling to me in a store, nor my doing shit to you in a public restroom. Got that? (That sort of thing is a gift to the most well behaved). Outings happen at Coffee Shops, Parks, Play Parties, Theatres, Shopping Strips, on the waterfront etc. Enjoying my companionship, perversion, and wisdom. 

        • Quick Pickup/Drop Off @ Cafe/ Park 100/15Min (ex. Dirty Laundry, Golden Coffee)
        • Exchange/ Chat/ Little Stroll 160/30Min
        • Adventure/ Brunching/ Shopping 2Hrs++ @ 150/Hr

Some subs find it helpful ( or really fun) to combine scenes with city strolls, forcing you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, perhaps with something in your ass. Likewise a walk in the park to splash in puddles while picking my brain about kink, safety and your personal journey is a fabulous start to the day. Get more active with a hike through High Park with me, with all of the snacks prepared by me, whatever that means :).  Confess your perversions, wear a remote vibe for me, drink my goldencoffee while taking in alley art, go to an art gallery in chastity take my brain to a show, take me out dancing, or shopping to buy me treats and carry the basket, perhaps wearing some adorable ears. I also meet in the concrete jungle for lunchtime weirdness, breakfast/ early am motivation, exchanges, stretching, yoga or gym buddies, the ROM/ AGO/ Aquarium, Art or Music Festivals, Documentaries, Obnoxious umbrellas on rainy days, silly hats, boots and animal ears, dropping off envelopes of cash and poetry, sampling unique honey, learning self-care wisdom, body hacking, brain hacking, how to better feed yourself to be strong to serve…. I could go on.


Distance Training: Negotiations are done via email. Live time traditionally has been booked in advance, look for available drop-in style chat evenings coming in August. There are Live Time and Snail Mail options. Deposit/ Tribute must have time enough to clear for things to confirm, and yes, I hold “credit” for people with last minute schedules. This is your way to serve me from afar. Note: I’m not interested in 24/7 surveillance. Check out my video stores/ training and tease videos to get a fix any time of day Here –> Video.

July 2017:  I’ve stripped many of my options while I set them up in a fancy new way. In the meantime I’m offering text-based live chat via Skype or GChat (60/hh * 100/hr) and for those who earned the privilege: straight up texting. Can be online shopping, chastity + slave tasks, consulting, role play, asking my opinion/ advice, check ins during the day for motivation/ punishment, confess.

Snail mail: I’m an awesome penpal: stealth mailers or painted weirdness. I’ve kept a Postal Box for 2003, first for the sheer number of pencils I had at the time, before FB blew up, and still use it to keep in touch with a lot of people, and tease others. 🙂  Email me to discuss setting up a snail mail arrangement: poetry from chastity, worn panties/ hair, paper bag slave masks, fan art, instruction and more…


Panties/ Personal Items: I’ve been handing off my worn panties since 2007,  the days of kinky Craigslist (and socks, and other filthy things) for home huffing, with or without JOI, tucking under the pillow, stuffing one’s mouth and more. To read more about my worn items for sale and fill out a convenient request form click this photo –>  or link. to read about the types of wear I offer, snippets for “crud eaters”, smelly socks, pantyhose, general filth. I also enjoy putting men in their first pair of panties with shame or support if their main draw isn’t my memorable, craved and delicious flavour on a pocket sized piece of fabric.


FinDom:  If you are serious about serving someone financially, you’ve met an interesting beast. I’m mostly after unique quality things, handmade, supporting small business, but I do have an Amazon wishlist of items: housewarming for my new place, ridiculous and fun costume bits and toys that I’d also love to have.  Right now I’m adding quality pieces of clothing, new tools for BDSM and adventuring spices to my playbox. I’m replenishing and exploring in specific areas after those last few years spent kicking ass  and being challenged in art residencies and living off grid, not interested in “loads of junk just because”. Yes we can be chatting live online while you pay. Read some of my notes about Findom fantasies here –> Findom Posts by Contessa Zoe

Email gift cards to zoe.aspasia(at) for Etsy Etsy, Yandy Yandy,,, Sephora Sephora, Sock Dreams

Dollars/ Gift Cards: Snail Mail Cash, Money Orders, Bitcoin, EMT transfers (Email me for details for discretion purposes), Gift Cards (see above). Cash point meets are booked as an Outing–> Read More.   Physical gift cards:  Sephora, MEC outdoor supplies, Above Ground Art Supplies, Soma Chocolatier, Northbound Leather   Treats I like to pick up for myself regularly you can absolutely “sponsor”: Dark chocolate, tea, red wine, fine cheeses, essential oils, high quality dry spices + ingredients, art supplies/ ink, tickets to electronic music events or art/ film festivals ie Hot Docs, experiences (float tank, sky diving, museums, spa), new lingerie. . .Lots of ways to regularly spoil Me, and I’m laying them out as I want them so you can better give Me what I want. 🙂


Good luck in the search and enjoy the journey.

Address Me as Contessa, Goddess or Queen Aspasia,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia