Sessions FAQ

-Terminology and Safety
-Themes and Restrictions
-Travel and Location


Allergies/ Past Injuries – Everyone must let me know if they have restrictions that may alter the nature of a session, Bad knees- Arthritis- Heart Condition- Circulation Issues are all important. Allergies to Animals- Cigarettes/ Incense- Scents – Certain Foods – Additives- Latex – Silicone- those are all important.

Golden Play- I offer GS (non nude) via Omorashi (through panties), or with a Whiz (Feminine urine director), I am always covered. If you think you can catch a glimpse of my magnificence by asking for this think again. I do not take any medications. Sometimes I take supplements, but not on days with golden play involved. I also do not drink coffee (ever), consume alcohol, eat asparagus or mustard prior to a golden scene.

Brown Play versus BS etc. – Never guaranteed. I will not offer sessions based solely on brown. I do not strip not even with blindfolds involved which is why I do not offer Brown Showers. Brown play is similar but it is served creatively- spoon, finger fed, bowl, on baked goods etc. It is my brown ONLY. I will not offer anyone else's unless we are in a duo session and it is live and fresh.

Ruby versus Red- Ruby play is menstrual, Red play is cutting. I do not EVER offer red play from me aka Red Showers. I do offer piercing and light cutting on my slaves but never me. I do offer Ruby play but not ruby showers. In that sense it is served creatively, and generally around one ounce in the amount or a little in panties or on something else. I can freeze excess when you cannot come in for a session during the right week. Intimate body worship is NOT involved, collection is done via Diva Cup- I do not use tampons or pads.

Neti / Nasal Showers- I douche my sinuses with a warm and mild Himalayan salt solution over you or directly into your mouth. Can me followed with a nose- blow spray all over you. I WILL NOT do this if I am sick in the slightest.


I don’t offer: stripping, escort services, “happy endings”, “jobs”, sex, intimate body worship, rimming, nude or topless sessions, massage, modeling, outcalls.

I don’t work with/offer: AB adult babies, BS Brown Showers, RS/RS Ruby or Red showers, Castration, Forced Bi, race play… nor do I offer S/O play with people I’ve never met, That would be a gift, not something you can pay for.

I do not allow: Alcohol or Drug use during or prior to my sessions. That includes inhalants, pills and yes, even a glass of wine.

What I Wear- I enjoy playing within many kinds of themes, and have an amazing costume wardrobe. My favorite outfits are along the lines of “business babe”, delicious pencil skirts, a tease of cleavage, blazer… some days I prefer a dress and cincher. If you are requesting PVC, leather or rubber let me know. I will not wear rubber for fire or wax play or slut training, I will not wear PVC for wrestling, and will not wear leather for any session involving a wet mess. It’s common sense.

I NEVER strip down to underwear, I never walk around naked. I always wear FULL BACK underwear. I never wear submissive costumes (maid, cheerleader, kitten). I do not work with role play that involves me being underage.

Trade and Personal Slaves- With the exception of some of the items on my wishlist (see News page), which will result in discounted sessions I AM NOT seeking trade from any carpenter, web designer, photographer etc at this time. I AM NOT seeking any live- in or personal slaves at this time. Often over time some session goers will find themselves more in my personal life and being around for more than sessions but this takes time and you must prove your worth.

Couples- I can top both of you, or one of you. I can show you how to use any number of toys on each other, help you expand the sensations you like, try what you’ve always wanted to try. Full penetrative sex is not allowed between you in my space, and of course I don’t offer it either. I also offer Consulting or Shopping trips which may be more your speed, check my Fetish Page for more info.

Foot play- I do not offer oiled feet, FJs, or allow anyone to ejaculate on my feet, I do not offer animal crush, foot bondage on myself (I do offer duos with where I can do that on a female sub).

Wrestling- I do not offer competitive, oil, nude or topless wrestling.

Slut Training- I do not offer sessions focused on this activity. I do not offer S/O training with people I have never met, that is a gift, not something you can pay for.

Panty Play- I do not offer sex shows, strip shows, modeling intimate body worship. You enjoy a variety of my worn panties in front of me, panty tea, sniffing, or wearing them. You can show me how you would play with them if I wasn’t there… And you can take some home.


My Space- is located in West Toronto and easily accessible by Subway, Car, Cab, or any number of busses from many hotels and neighbourhoods of Toronto. Give yourself an hour of travel time at the very least, bring a book in case you are early, or do your research when you are given the directions as I ask. It’s a warm, cozy place with lots of tools and fetish furniture, but is not cold and empty like other spaces I have seen. It is a home for me, comfortable, with shower facilities, kitchenette, bondage bed, dancing platform, medical station etc.

I can’t travel with- things that I cannot sterilize or make safe. Many things, like MMA gloves will not be in my suitcase unless I have a request made for them. Sounding (for example) can be difficult to travel with but if you claim it first, you will be the ONLY person to get it. I do not travel with wrestling mats, leather hoods or harnesses, electro, cowboy themed gear, training weights, full crossdressing ensembles and of course not all of my show collection.

Rebooking/ Idiot fee- People get scared and nervous after booking. Your fantasy is finally coming true, you get to be used by me. If you bail on me last minute, or do not show, you MUST pay the rebooking fee if you want to try again/ avoid being put on a blacklist that is not just my own. It pays for the inconvenience of me preparing to see you, everything I would have done or prepared for you, my travel and any special dietary needs I may have had before your session. It is also an idiot fee for flakes for any other kind of screw up.

Duos- Can be done with a few different Dominas at different levels of experience. Generally the more experienced Dommes will offer a small discount when the session rate is doubled, and depending on what your interests are sometimes Trios can happen for the same rate as a duo. Duos range between 400 - 500 per hour, Trios range between 500-600 per hour.