It’s My Birthday, honey: July 2017

I’ve been busy whipping to do lists to completion and balancing my successes with hedonism. Replenished a lot of toys I like to use and gift, have some things being made, returning to filming, working on new themes and setting up a studio with more space (costume creation, sturdier set builds, prop making). I’ve also thrown down some batches of ferments for later summer BBQ and scalding day refreshment, using a really big spoon like this one (the one pictured is solely for use on bodies, sans hot peppers), and brewed up some filthy wickedness for some devotees.

My BIRTHDAY!!! is this month (July 29th) and I have a little wishlist of things that I’d love to have, and will soon be introducing more scenes I’ve been really hankering for over this summer.  I’ll also be available this month for duos with Miss Xi and Mistress Isobel, don’t miss out on that!

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