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I’ve been around doing weird things, making scenes, playing and modelling onlineuptheladder for a while, kink-specific since 2003. I’ve played with art modelling, session wrestling, Domination, fetish modelling, videos,  fetish sales on Craigslist + Kijiji, Fetish/ Wrestling Video sites + stores, PantyTrust and more.  The last few years I’ve been poking around a few social media options and fully moving into the new media realm of this work which is quite different from when I started, happy to have the community grow and open up. I’ve recently (2017) moved back to Toronto after a long period of travel and short stays which makes editing and learning new media a bit easier, so be on the look out for new things soon. This is by no means a guide to me everywhere online, but is where you’ll find I’m the most active and ongoing content= the right now.

Video Stores: I have three video stores,  sign up to the one that makes you most comfortable through the links below: femdom, tease, voyeur, cosplay:

Clips4Sale- Villa Aspasia

KinkBomb–>  Villa Aspasia- Contessa Zoe’s Playhouse

IWantClips- Aspasia at IWantClips

….For Scissorholds specifically check out the Canadian website ScissorFoxes with lots of leg choking deliciousness here– > Canadian Scissors  Where you’ll see me under the name “Aiden”.


Video Slaves:  If you want to donate your body to my weird experiments, open yourself up to odd sensations and try new things, to be terrified and delighted in my presence? 

Required: Deposit+ Signing a Waiver/ ID + Tribute (reduced). Filming is not the same as a session, and often several hours of stopping and starting. We have to get along, you have to be able to take my direction–> It’s always better if we’ve actually played together before for a scene/session so we can work better together. Content belongs to Me, though sometimes I shoot photos for my website that you can also share on your Fetlife or dating profile.  Filming usually happens during weekday afternoons, sometimes Saturday mornings/ early afternoon.

The only video slaves I am accepting at present must be available for medium to heavy ballbusting (faceless is fine),  medium level head scissoring (face required), or body scissors (I have to be able to fit my legs around you) with breathplay/chokes/HOM. I may look for human furniture props in the fall, but I have a few already.

Phone, Cam, Chat + Other: More deets to come. I’m resetting some accounts, really excited to have a few of them up and going again now that I’m not in the woods 🙂

Address Me as Contessa,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia