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Yes, I was a Session Wrestler!   I no longer compete or offer competitive/ semi-comp matches, I am still around to offer Femdom, One-sided wrestling-inclusive scenes. I also offer beatdowns within people’s boundariesm victory posing, foot humiliation, Pro holds from my earlier days and love toying with scissoring fans.   For some of you, this is all new information, but many of you met me as Aiden through fetish/ session wrestling which I have been involved with since 2007, filming weird wrestling videos since ’03.

My touring days were magnificent and I still dip a toe in it here and there. I still film for ScissorFoxes, a Canadian company I love working with. Check out my videos on there by clicking  here or the photo to the right –>

My wrestling website, no longer in use (aidenwrestling.com) redirects to this site and has for about 6 years.  I know many of you are finding my profiles here and there online (most are indeed Me but there are fakes),  this (my contact page) is the place to contact me, keep up with my adventures and offerings. Read more on live sessions here.  I am accepting film slaves soon for hard scissoring or beatdown films with striking (bare handed or with implements). I do not KO on the first meeting! If you are serious about heavy breathplay the first meet is us finding our groove and wavering at the edge. Scissoring IS Breathplay, I’ll never understand how people don’t see that, but once they meet my legs they know.

In the YES department of things I’m into in regards to wrestling:

  • Domination + Femdom Wrestling
  • Scissoring: Head, Body, Toboggan, Reverse, Hips, Neck, Time Trials
  • Face Standing
  • Trampling
  • Pro Holds: Figure 4, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, Rocking Chairs, Joint Locks, Nelsons, Triangles, Hammer Lock, Grapevines, Arm Bars, Bow and Arrow
  • Beatdowns, Punches, Kicks, Kneeing
  • BDSM
  • Wrestling
  • Bondage + Bodybags
  • Pantyhose/ Pantyhose encasement
  • Smothering, Smelly Smothering
  • Slapping
  • Victory Posing
  • Foot Domination + Foot Fetish
  • Ballbusting
  • Facesitting
  • Chokes, Headlocks, Triangles
  • Bear Hugs
  • Breathplay, HOM, Bagging, Timers, Hoods
  • Human punching bag, Belly punching
  • Boots, shoes, thigh high boots and stockings
  • Hand Wraps (white/ purple), wrestling sneakers, Doc Martins
  • Tickling
  • Dunking
  • Spanking
  • Gags and Masks
  • CBT, CBB, Chastity Devices, Leashes
  • Hair plucking/ Tearing
  • CD Crossdressing or Cosplay, Nerd Glasses
  • Panty fetish
  • Workout companion/ hustler
  •  Dunking
  • ..and you’ll see me get up to a lot more.

In the NO department:

  •  I do not offer KOs on a first meeting (exception with references from active Session Wrestler(s). I will not book a session “for your friend” or “girlfriend” without chatting with them through safety + negotiations.
  • I don’t offer any sort of vanilla tease, sexual service or sexual assistance, nor nude wrestling, oil or topless. Not into “failed attack” scenarios, competitive matches, and no longer offer semi comp matches. I’m also not into race play.
  • I don’t offer permanent bone breakage, scarification without professional assist, face kicks, unpadded face punching, take downs or lift and carry.
  • No to semi-comp, competitive matches and I will stop the match if you are starting to lose your shit and forget that it’s play and what you asked for. That’s a HUGE turnoff, but I can usually recoup. I have safewords and taps in place for a reason.


Now that you know, you can respectfully approach me through my contact page and jump through my hoops. Looking forward to a mean scene with you,

Aiden aka “Contessa” Zoe Aspasia

PS. You can also find me on Mixed Wrestling Zone kicking Kismat’s ass πŸ™‚